Dragonflies and Lotus Flowers

Dragonflies and Lotus Flowers

You may have noticed that over the past week, I have changed my logo from an abstract one that was designed for me, to that of a dragonfly over a lotus flower.

My work and business is going through a transformation, and, although being a McTimoney Chiropractor is very much my main business at the moment, I am also aware that as I enter what might possibly be my last decade of being a McTimoney, I needed to look forward to an income when I no longer see clients in my clinic. And so I set about looking for that new venture and to incorporate it into my business.

After having a career change from Nursing, to Massage Therapist and then McTimoney Chiropractor, over 20 years ago, I started out being very excited that I was able to help people improve their health, in a way that being a nurse didn’t. I witnessed people’s health improving as they implemented the tips that I suggested to them when they consulted with me. These tips were to eat more healthily, drink more water, take more moderate exercise and to develop a spiritual aspect to their lives, and to take ownership and responsibilty of their health, and not hand over the responsibility to others, namely Doctors. Transformations came about which I was privileged to be a part of.

When Chiropractors became registered in the UK, I started to become disillusioned with my profession, but I continued. Over the 17 years of being a McTimoney I have seen my profession be reduced to being “bad back specialists” That is so far from the truth that it saddens me. Chiropractors are Masters of Innate Intelligence. They ensure that the spine is aligned so that they nervous system can function optimally, and that health can be expressed as a result. When I started out on my Chiropractic career I was so intune with my own Innate Intellligence, after nearly 20 years, I find myself so bogged down with what the “scientific bods” think that we do, that I am less enthusiastic about my career as I once was. But that is changing.

I used to naturally incorporate in my work a spiritual aspect, sometimes the client was aware, if during record taking I sensed a spiritual part of their life, and often covertly if they did not seem receptive to it. However I feel that I have strayed from this path and now I am returning to it.

So what do the dragonfly and lotus flower symbolise?

The dragonfly is symbolic of change and transformation.

Dragonflies start to grow in water and then move into the air and fly. When this spirit animal shows up in your life you may be called to transform and evolve. Symbol of metamorphosis and transformation, it inspires those who have it as a totem to bring about the changes needed in their lives in order to go to reach their full potential.
When this spirit animal shows up in your life, it’s an indication that it’s time for change. Just like the dragonfly changes colors as it matures, you may be called to live and experience yourself differently. Stay open to the enfoldment of your personal journey.


So me, and my business are transforming. Watch this space as you witness the emergence of a new venture take flight. Peace and Blessings


In response to Glasgowdragonfly‘s question about chakras I am writing today’s blog on them.


There is an energy field around every human being, as well as every living thing on the planet, whether animal or plant, which is described as an aura. It can be seen as light and/or colour around the body extending about 6 inches all round the physical body. It has several layers, known as the auric field, with colours that can change according to the individuals physical, emotional mental and spiritual health.

The awareness of an energy field has long been recognised in Eastern esoteric teaching, and the chakras are an integral part of the field, and important for health, healing and spiritual growth.


The word “Chakra” is a Sanskrit word which means wheel, and like wheels they turn. There are various views on whether they turn clockwise or anti-clockwise. When I check them I find that they alternate, which to me makes more sense than them all turning in 1 direction. To me I see them as interconnecting cogs. Within the body we have a natural flow of movement. The large intestine, bowel, found in the lower abdomen, starts in the right hand corner of the abdomen, comes up the right hand side, across in the part known as the transverse colon, and down the left hand side with the descending colon. This is the way that the chakra turns in the sacral chakra, which is the one of that area of the body. Similalry, the blood flow through the heart is in the same direction. In between these 2 organs, you find the stomach, which actually flows in the opposite direction, and hence the chakra here, known as the solar plexus, turns the opposite way to the sacral and heart chakra.

So how do you check if your chakras are healthy and turning, or whether the energy is blocked or over-energised? Well if you are not able to see them, you are in the same company as me, so don’t worry. Find a friend who is as eager as you to find out, and practise on each other.

When I want to check out somebody’s chakras, I get them to either lay down, or sit straight, and then I use a pendulum to check to see if their chakras are spinning or not. I use a lovely crystal about 6 inches away from the body and watch to see whether or not the pendulum swings. If they are all swinging with the same intensity of energy, then I consider that they are balanced, but if there is a discrepancy in the intesity of the energy in the swinging, then I deem them out of balance, and will work with the client on getting them to balance them.

Tomorrow I will share the story of a gentleman who came to see me, who has difficulty voicing what he needs and suffers with headaches with associated nausea and occassional vomiting.

Hope this has helped to answer some of your questions Glasgowdragonfly.  Maybe now you have more for me. I am so enjoying the journey that this is taking me on, Namaste

Oil of the Day: Rosemary


It has been my intention since I started to blog about aromatherapy, that I would do an oil a day. Well those good intentions lasted about 3 days! Does anybody else find that?

I really should take the time out to plan what I am going to do, so that I then have something to stick to. But I am a doer rather than a planner, so as usual I launched headfirst into this, and have now missed a day’s oil because of my lack of Clarity and Focus.

As luck would have it, or is that the Universe’s great timing? Or God’s timing is perfect? Or perfect coincidence? However you want to look at it, that is what today’s, well yesterdays really, is all about. Clarity.

Rosemary, Rosemarinus officinalis: is a stimulating oil for both physical and mental stimulation.It is thererfore not suitable for use on babies, infants or those who are pregnant.

It also has a reputation for being a great hair tonic, stimulating hair growth, so good for thinning or hair loss.

My instant reference book on aromatherapy is “Aromatherapy, A guide for home use” by Christine Westwood, lists the psycholgical properties of Rosemary as “Clarity, Disorientation,Indecisiveness,Lethargy, Memory dull or bad, Mental stimulation and calmness, Monday morning feeling, protection and Sluggishness”

So I am off to have a shower on this Wednesday morning, now shall I use grapefruit, or bergamot or geranium or……………..?


Loss of Smell, Aromatherapy and Chakras.

Something exciting is happening in my practice, and I would like to share with you, my followers.

I trained as an aromatherapist 20 years ago, but after qualifying as a McTimoney Chiropractor I slowed down on how much aromatherapy I did. Over these past few months I have begun to explore the oils uses again, and yesterday I had a fascinating result that I would love to share.

I had a stand at a Holistic Fair in Troon, a town about 10 miles away from my clinic. I had on my stand one of my proto-col ambassadors doing hand massages with the wonderful aromatic Dead Sea Salt handscrubs. Now these smell absolutely devine, but 1 lady said that she couldn’t chose which one to use based on smell, as she has lost that sense 15 years ago, after a period of chronic sinusitis. Following her hand massage, which she did enjoy as it is very  tactile, and leaves the skin feeling silky smooth from the exfoliating properties of the Dead Sea Salt,  she came over to talk to me, as my darling husband had said that the very first Chiropractic adjustment was for deafness, nothing whatsoever to do with a bad back and that perhaps I could help her regain her sense of smell!

Well I performed a spinal check on her, and couldn’t find an awful lot wrong with her spine, but I did find that her lacrimal bones were way out of alignment, so much so that I thought that they could be pressing on her olfactory nerve. You can see from this picture just how close the olfactory nerve bulb is to the eyes and sinus’. olfactory nerveI gave her several pungent oils to smell, and she had a feint scent of Eucalyptus, an oil that is highly penetrating, but she could not smell Rosemary or May Chang, 2 oils which are sharp and penetrating, but less than  Eucalyptus. I performed an adjustment on the lacrimal bones whilst she was there, and she said that she felt a tingling in her nose. Her sense of smell did not alter though.

Then I checked her chakras, and lo and behold her 6th chakra, the brow or third eye, was blocked. I did some work on that, and then applied some Rosemary to the chakra. Guess what? She had a feint aroma of something, which she thought was eucalyptus, but was in actual fact Rosemary. Interestingly enough she then had a closed throat chakra, which I then worked on, so that she left me with a complete set of open chakras. I suggested that she book in to have a facial massage, so that I can work on the sinus points and help them to drain.

I am doing lots of reading about the use of aromatherapy and chakras, and hope to be able to write more experiences up like this, as and when they happen.

Each chakra has several essential oils which are associated with them, and Rosemary is an oil associated with the 6th chakra.

I will follow this blog up about Rosemary being my “Oil of the Day” tomorrow, and also write up the oils that are associated with each of the chakras, so that you can try them out for yourself, and see if you can balance a recurrent blocking chakra.

Do you have a question, about this or any oterh blog that I have written. Please let me know, as this is how my blogging develops. I do not have a set agenda, it just evolves around my experiences and your questions or observations.

Namaste Joy

Oil of the Day:Eucalyptus

Eucalyptus Oil:                     Eucalyptus globulus                    Keywords: Respiratory System

Physical conditions: Colds, runny nose, headache, flu-like symptoms, Asthma, Bronchitis, Cattarh with congestion, Sinusitis and headaches associated with them.

Eucalyptus should not be used if you are taking homeopathic remedies as it will negate them.

The eucalyptus tree is one of the tallest trees in the world, and the whole tree exudes an aromatic odour, imparting a healthy atmosphere to the region where it is growing. The Blue Mountains in New South Wales, Australia, are so named due to the blue haze that can be seen, which is the oil in the atmosphere. The Koala bears diet is made up entirely from the leaves of the tree.    koala

In the Northern Hemisphere, the schools have been back for a month or so, (or at least they have here in the UK) and the temperature has dropped, meaning that the heating has been put on in many homes. The net result is that many people seem to be coming down with coughs and colds.

Children go to nursery, kindergarten or school and bring home every bug that is going around, and bring it back home and share. Nice like that, aren’t they? Then we turn our heating on, and the bugs that have lay dormant in the pipes, rapidly muliply as the heat comes up, and hey presto we come down with a cold.

Eucalyptus oil, is a great oil for this time of year. It is used in so many preparatory products like Vicks and Olbas Oil. It has a piercing aroma, clean and clinical.

The best way I find to use eucalyptus oil is in a burner. Add 2 or 3 drops to water and allow the aroma to fill the air. If you don’t like the smell of eucalyptus, then adding a drop or 2 of Bergamot will give a less clinical aroma. Bergamot is also good for chest infections. When my daughter was younger I would do this before having her friends round to play, and after they had gone.

If you are unfortunate to develop a cold, then put a drop in 2 on a tissue and hankie and inhale deeply. Keep one under the pillow at night, ready for when you wake with a blocked nose.

For a supplier of Eucalyptus oil go to: http://www.joyofchiropractic.co.uk/aromatherapy_oils_61.html#

Whilst on the topic of colds, I have not had one for the past 2 years, and I put this down to taking a superfood called Green Magic. This has boosted my immune system so much, that even when my husband develops a nasty cold, I remain immune to them. If you would like to know more about Green Magic, then why don’t you drop me a line.

Blessings Joy

Oil of the Day; Bergamot

Bergamot: Citrus bergamia.bergamot

Bergamot: Uplifting Citrusy think Earl Gray tea.

Uses: Monday morning feeling, lifts mood, PND baby blues

Chakra: 4th Heart


This is a lovely oil obtained from the rind of a small orange-like fruit, native to Italy. Think of sherbety tangerine! Or Earl Gray tea. Bergamot is used to give Earl Gray tea it’s distinctive flavour and aroma. It is invaluable for raising the mental state, and is therefore suitable for use in depression, anxiety and post baby blues. Although it is not safe to use on babies and infants, I would say that it is safe to use in a bath for the mother who may need her spirits lifting after the birth, even if she is breast feeding. Relax in a warm bath after your baby has settled for the evening.

(If your baby is not settling at all and seems to constantly cry, then I suggest that you consult with a Chiropractor who treats babies, to see if they have any misalignments that need addressing. It is not normal for a new born baby to cry all the time. Crying is a signal that something needs addressing, which will normally respond to Chiropractic treatment and does not require medication.)

For those that do not have to consider a young baby, it is suitable for putting in a burner too, or using in a blend of massage oil or body lotion. I like to add it to my shower gel on the days that I need a “wake me up shower”.


To purchase this and other essential oils in the UK.


Several years ago, around Christmas I remember watching a programme about Mary, the Mother of Jesus, and how she would have felt giving birth in the suroundings that are reported in the Bible. This BBC programme alluded to the fact that she would have been giving birth without any painkillers.

Boulderdash! Or words to that effect.

Mary, and the wise women that would have been around her at that time, (and I firmly believe that her fellow travellers would have made sure that she was supported in her labour,) would have had access to many oils. In Matthew 26 we read of the “alabaster vial of very expensive perfume”. Now do the BBC think that Chanel or Dior were around back then?

Mary would have had the use of the plants that aromatherapy oils are obtained from, even if she did not have the oils themselves. They did have the means to make perfume as indicated by that passage mentioned above, so it is quite possible that she had her own supply of oils just as I did, in preparation for my own labour, 1996 years later. Of course they would have called them something entirely different because aromatherapy is a phrase that was coined centuries later. The majority of the stories and recordings in the Bible are written from a male perspective, and so the workings of this very private time in a woman’s life, woudl have been totally excluded from the writers of the scriptures.

In Where Do I Begin Part 1, I talked of using Clary sage and Jasmine in bringing on labour, and enhancing labour once it had startted, so let’s look at those 2 oils.

Clary Sage

Clary Sage

Clary Sage (official name Salvia sclarea) is distilled from the whole plant. It has warm nutty scent, quite heady. It is excellent for muscular pains, hence it’s use for labour, and has a reputaion as being good for depression.

Jasmine, (official name Jasminum officianale) is a luxuriant oil often referred to as the King of the flower oils. It has a luxurious exotic scent and has a renowned reputation in childbirth.



Naomi over at “Aromatherapy for Christians” has more to say on the wonderful oils found in the Bible. Take a look

Thank you for reading. Please leave a comment and let me know how much you enjoyed it. My writings are entirely driven by you, your comments and suggestions. Is there an oil that you would like to know more about? Which oils do I recommend?

You  give life to this blog life.





18 1/2 years ago I was heavily pregnant, and desperate to have my baby that night. I had a lovely community midwife who could be at the birth, if I had my baby that weekend. The following Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday she did not have childcare cover for herself, and come Thursday, when she was back at work, I was due to go in for an induction, and the rule was that Community midwives did not attend those births. According to dates I was 10 days “over”.

Saturday morning I was woken up at 6 am,by a pain. This is it I thought. Another 1 15 minutes later, then 10 and then 5. Ok here we go, I got up to get myself some breakfast……and everything stopped. By 6 pm nothing had happened. So I decided to have a bath.

I added a few drops of Jasmine and Clary Sage to the bath, and got in for a soak for an hour. Bliss. I got out and promptly fell asleep, in a good deep sleep.


Clary Sage Clary Sage


I woke at 10 pm in labour, for definite this time. I stayed at home for another 6 hours before transferring into hospital, taking my oil blend with me.

Fast forward 18 years. I had been treating a lady through her pregnancy with McTimoney Chiropractic. She saw my wee brown bottles on their shelf, and she asked if I could make her up a blend for use in her last few weeks, from 37 weeks onwards. it was a priviledge to be part of this lady’s transformation into motherhood, and I blended her up Jasmine and Clary Sage in 100 mls of grapeseed oil, and showed her where to massage it, over her abdomen, pelvic area and sacrum, to be started once she has reached 37 weeks.

Unfortunately she went into labour earleir than 37 weeks, and so she didn’t get to use it, until she was in labour. Because of the pre-maturity she was quite restricted in her movements, being monitored and therefore kept on the bed, but her husband applied it to her wrists. Each time he did so, a strong contraction followed. it was so regular that the midwife encouraged her husband to keep on doing it. She gave birth to a small but healthy baby boy with no extra analgesia other than what was in the oil.

End of part One

(Part Two will include more information about the properties of these 2 essential oils.)

If you would like more information about blends for use in pregnancy and labour then please drop me a comment below. Blessings.