Dragonflies and Lotus Flowers

Dragonflies and Lotus Flowers

You may have noticed that over the past week, I have changed my logo from an abstract one that was designed for me, to that of a dragonfly over a lotus flower.

My work and business is going through a transformation, and, although being a McTimoney Chiropractor is very much my main business at the moment, I am also aware that as I enter what might possibly be my last decade of being a McTimoney, I needed to look forward to an income when I no longer see clients in my clinic. And so I set about looking for that new venture and to incorporate it into my business.

After having a career change from Nursing, to Massage Therapist and then McTimoney Chiropractor, over 20 years ago, I started out being very excited that I was able to help people improve their health, in a way that being a nurse didn’t. I witnessed people’s health improving as they implemented the tips that I suggested to them when they consulted with me. These tips were to eat more healthily, drink more water, take more moderate exercise and to develop a spiritual aspect to their lives, and to take ownership and responsibilty of their health, and not hand over the responsibility to others, namely Doctors. Transformations came about which I was privileged to be a part of.

When Chiropractors became registered in the UK, I started to become disillusioned with my profession, but I continued. Over the 17 years of being a McTimoney I have seen my profession be reduced to being “bad back specialists” That is so far from the truth that it saddens me. Chiropractors are Masters of Innate Intelligence. They ensure that the spine is aligned so that they nervous system can function optimally, and that health can be expressed as a result. When I started out on my Chiropractic career I was so intune with my own Innate Intellligence, after nearly 20 years, I find myself so bogged down with what the “scientific bods” think that we do, that I am less enthusiastic about my career as I once was. But that is changing.

I used to naturally incorporate in my work a spiritual aspect, sometimes the client was aware, if during record taking I sensed a spiritual part of their life, and often covertly if they did not seem receptive to it. However I feel that I have strayed from this path and now I am returning to it.

So what do the dragonfly and lotus flower symbolise?

The dragonfly is symbolic of change and transformation.

Dragonflies start to grow in water and then move into the air and fly. When this spirit animal shows up in your life you may be called to transform and evolve. Symbol of metamorphosis and transformation, it inspires those who have it as a totem to bring about the changes needed in their lives in order to go to reach their full potential.
When this spirit animal shows up in your life, it’s an indication that it’s time for change. Just like the dragonfly changes colors as it matures, you may be called to live and experience yourself differently. Stay open to the enfoldment of your personal journey.


So me, and my business are transforming. Watch this space as you witness the emergence of a new venture take flight. Peace and Blessings

My favourite Inspirational Quote Day 5 #GetAdjusted

It is time to get inspired with my favorite quote of all time. What is your favorite motivational quote? #GetAdjusted


Sorry I don’t have a favourite 1. My favourite is the 1 I just happen to have foound at “that exact moment that I am in at the time” as I find they change according to my mood and circumstances. here’s a few to choose from

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What is my Favourite Hobby Day 4 #GetAdjusted

Outside of being a chiropractor, I happen to really enjoy a specific hobby that I share in this video. It’s not so much of a hobby, as a way of life. I love travel and I love photography. Here’s just a few pictures that I’ve put together.


What is your favorite hobby? #GetAdjusted

Why Did I Decide to Become a Chiropractor Day 2 #GetAdjusted

I am not sure if I ever told you this, but here is the reason I decided to become a chiropractor. Hope you enjoy! #GetAdjusted

I was in my early thirties when I commenced my training to become a Chiropractor. I took a year out from my studies to have a baby, and was a month shy of my 38th Birthday when I qualified. I have never regretted making the decision to retrain. Have you had a career change? Tell me about it, how did it go? Was it a good move or not?

Thank you for watching and please leave a comment. Blessings Joy

#Get Adjusted

Today is the first day of the #GetAdjusted Campaign, which aims to bring Chiropractic to the World.

Over the next 30 days I hope to bring you my answers to the 30 questions that the #Get Adjusted Movement poses.

Today’s question is Why do I do what I do?

I want you to know why I do what I do. I want you to know what drives me. I want you to know why I am so motivated to make a difference in our community. #GetAdjusted

I will be posting a video later on today, so I ask you to follow my blog, and come and learn what Chiropratic is really about. Those of us who still hold the vision that it is a health system that uses no drugs, no surgery and beleives that the body is a self healing organism.

How Good Does Your Body Feel?

How Good Does Your Body Feel?

Over 6,000 Chiroprators worldwide have signed up to the Movement. We are re-claiming the profession back to where it started.