Getting ready to go Out!


Being a woman of a certain age, I can honestly say that I have never really taken too much bother about getting ready to go out. But now things are different, Why? Becasue I have discovered the Proto-col range of skin care and have realised how much better I look after I have used their wares. I used to admire other women’s looks and thought how wonderful to have such complexions, and now I realise that this is open to me as well.

First I will start with their Body Bliss.This is a scrumptious combination of Dead Sea salts, and essential oils. Just a small amount, in the palm of the hands, gently rubbed over the skin, exfoliates the skin leaving it soft and smooth and smelling delicious! This is how the Proto-col shop describes it, and it truly does transport you back to summer, with all it’s sunshine!

“Take a trip to paradise with this blissful blend of mositurising passionflower oil and sexy sandalwood. Ease stretch marks and reduce cellulite with this tropical Dead Sea salt scrub.”
I learnt from a Proto-col professional that the trick to having good looking glowing skin, is to remove the dead layer of skin, to reveal the new fresh skin below. She said that people often think that they have dry skin, but what they really have is this layer of dead skin which they keep applying cream to, which makes it stick to you Urgh! Makes perfect sense, so I tried it, and she was right! Now I too have smooth silky skin, thanks to proto-cols Body Bliss! View here the Body Bliss on their webshop:
More to follow, as I get ready for a night out at the Cook School with the Ayrshire Business Women Network
Having enjoyed a quiet day, I am now getting closer to going out. I am now concentrating on my face, and doing facial stuff. Exfoliation of the delicate facial skin requires a delicate exfoliation product, and again Proto-col comes up trumps, with the micro-dermabrasion. This is what they have to say about it.
Precious pearls and decadent diamonds are crushed together to create the most valuable of exfoliation ingredients in this absolute treasure of a skincare product.
If you are thinking of giving their products a try, then I recommend the Facial Travel Bag, which contains a handy size of their skin-care range in a silver coloured travel bag, great for weekends away or even to take on holiday. My Mum would be thrilled to get this on Christmas morning. Don’t think that any female member of your family would be unhappy either. To view the full range go to:

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