Now Time for Make-up!

If you have been following today’s blogs, you will have already read that I am a newbie (despite being in my maturer years) where skincare and make up goes. I have sensitive skin, so have always shied away from make-up and a beauty regime, but not any more. Now I am confident, because I have found a range that leaves me feeling great, no matter how long I wear it.

First I use a Primer. They call it their “Miracle Base Primer” and that is just what it is! Just a small amount, applied to the face, and is smoothed in. And then you get a “wow” moment, as it goes from feeling like any other primer, to being the silkiest, smoothest thing you have ever put on your skin. You must try it for yourself to feel that silkiness!




Top makeup artists would not be seen without a top quality primer in their kits and neither would we! Create a perfect base for foundation application with this silky formulation of vitamin E and aloe vera. Worn alone or under foundation to increase longevity, this miracle base primer leaves your skin looking and feeling silky smooth.
With vitamin E to protect and aloe vera to nourish and calm the skin, the miracle base primer is key in your daily skincare routine.
Suitable for all skin types.
I won’t bore you with every single make-up product that I am using tonight, but you an guarantee it is from the proto-col range, because now that I have found it, I am not deviating from it! The full range is here


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