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One of Proto-cols staple products is Green Magic.Loved by virtually everybody who tries it, it is a combination of 16 of the planets most nutrititious and effective ingredients going in to make this superfood. It contains 2 of the planets highest sources of protein, it traps cholesterol and helps remove it from the body. Green Magic contains a high concentration of natural and trace minerals. It also contains Transferric acid, which is a powerful brain nutrient.

It has been clinically proven to reduce the body’s  biological age significantly.

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Green Magic is available in 4 sizes.    30 g trial size/10 day    100g/1 month supply   200g/2 months supply   400g/4 months supply when taking a teaspoonful/day.

Available here

A teaspoon of Green Magic can be mixed with water, fruit juice or mixed into a smoothie.

Hawaiian Spirulina Nutrient-rich algae, which is the world’s richest natural source
of iron and non-animal protein. Hawaiian Spirulina is packed
with enzymes, antioxidants and phytonutrients.
Chinese Chlorella A nourishing, detoxifying algae containing high-quality
vitamins, minerals, nucleic acids, amino acids and enzymes.
Soya Lecithin Helps to maintain cholesterol levels and burns fat in the body.
Essential for anyone trying to lose weight safely and effectively.
Barley Grass Juice & Wheat Grass Juice Powerful plant juices containing over 20 amino acids and
hundreds of vitamins, minerals, enzymes and nutrients.
Kamut An organically grown grain naturally rich in selenium and highquality
Rice Kernel A rich source of B Vitamins and one of the best natural sources
of Vitamin E.
High Pectin Apple Fibre Helps to trap cholesterol andit from the body.
Icelandic Kelp & Nova Scotia Dulce Powerful sea vegetables containing pure minerals and trace
minerals from the ocean.
Co Enzyme Q10 A powerful antioxidant which helps fight cell damaging free
radicals. This potent anti-ageing vitamin promotes optimum
well-being, sustains energy levels and stimulates mental clarity.
Catalase An antioxidant enzyme which protects the body against
potentially cell damaging and anti-ageing free radicals.
Royal Jelly One of the most powerful antioxidants in the world, containing
B Vitamins as well as Vitamins A, C, D and E and over 20
amino acids.
Jerusalem Artichoke Powder Helps maintain a healthy balance of bacteria in the gut.
Lactobacillus Acidophilus & Bifidus Bacterium Probiotics which aid digestion and ensure a healthy balance of

This is a great product for vegetarians as it provides a rich source of protein, which is often lacking in their diet. Spirulina has a complete amino acid complex and 4 teaspons contains 100% of the daily recommend intake. Spirulina is a rich source of B12 and the B complex vitamins. It is the richest iron food, and has a form of iron which is readily absorbable.

Proto-cols Green Magic is FREE FROM Cholesterol, Sugar, Lactose and Gluten.

It is safe for women who are pregnant, in fact it’s a highly effective way of ensuring that a pregnant woman gets the full range of vitamins, minerals and nutrients for a growing baby.

As with all supplements, if you suffer with any medical condition, it should be discussed with your doctor before starting.


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