A slight digression from my usual Proto-col theme, and more along a business line.

How many of you attend networking meetings? Do you find them beneficial? If you answered yes to the first question, but no to the second question then you might not be getting the best out of it.

A year ago I started to attend networking meetings at the Referral Exchange in Ayr. Their motto is

                                                       We don’t just Network…We get work

shaking hands

And I can honestly say that we do. It has taken a while for the group to get to know each other and to feel confident with each other, that our fellow members are reliable, trustworthy people that you would not mind letting into your house (for those who are tradesmen) or someone who you would trust with your Granny’s wee bones to (for the McTimoney Chiropractor) But it is now paying off big time.

Each week I am picking up new clients, and the word of mouth referrals from those clients is seeing my business going from strength to strength.

I appreciate that networking in this way is not everybody’s cup of tea. Some people have come and gone because they have not seen a return on their investment straight away. But be encouraged, stick with it, get out there and network with the same people on a regular basis. Get to know their business and how you can find clients for them, and teach them about yours. Spending time with your fellow business men and women does pay off! read the related articles below for tips on how to make face-to-face networking work.

Good Luck and get Networking….. You will not only Network, but get work!


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