Blogging on a Blog!

I started blogging less than a month ago, but am already hooked. it started off as a way of bringing the wonderful Proto-col products to the blogging community, but as a McTimoney Chiropractor who recommends some of my clients the top quality supplements, I became interested in what other people were writing about, especially about my fellow colleaugues. So I was a little dismayed when I came upon HeatherBCosta’s blog where she had gone to see a Chiropractor who had suggested that she reconsider her chosen career.

“Well maybe you should do something else. Otherwise you’re going to be back in my office every couple of weeks.”

The full article can be read here (sorry I couldn’t find a reblog button, perhaps someone with more experience will point out where it is)

Now I realise that every professional has the right to work in their own way, (within reason and according to their profession’s Standards of Practice and  Proficiency, and Code of Conduct) but this saddened me to read. I love my job and get great satisfaction of helping others to continue to do what they love to do. My motto is

I will get you back to doing what you love to do!

so I am always looking for ways of helping my clients do just that. In Heather’s case it was writing, she is after all a writer. Writing is her passion, so I sent her a link, to Saxen’s which is local to me, which provides ergonomic office furniture and gadgets all designed to help people in their working environment, regardless of whether that is in an office environment, or in your office at home, they have something to help. I now have many people who rather than come to me “every couple of weeks” sit correctly at the desk, have a wrist support, document holders, monitor brackets or a desk which sings and dances, which means that they are more comfortable and therefore see me less often. I still recommend that they have a check-up every 3 months or so, but no more frequently than that. If they need more frequent treatment then they need more investigation as to what they are doing that is making them suffer symptoms.

So if you find writing is a pain, and your Chiroprator, Osteopath, GP, physio or any other health professional suggests that you give up something that you love, consider giving these guys a call and see what they have that can help you.


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