Why writers must suffer for their art

Haha I am learning. Have found it to re-blog it! Although might have helped if I’d published my earlier blog that I left as a draft. OK still mucho to learno! Blessings Joy

Trials of a wanna-be-published writer

Perhaps it is the bane of many a writer, but I suffer terribly with stiffness in my neck and shoulders, particularly when I have been sat at my computer or laptop for many an hour. I have been experiencing pain for the last few weeks, I carried on manfully (or womanly, in my case) and ignored the increasing discomfort until yesterday when it became too much to bear.

Frustrated that I was in mid-flow when agonizing stiffness struck, I was unable to get much writing done and combined with the pain, it made me more than a little irritable. There’s nothing else for it, I thought as I drained the last of my coffee and threw my big red editing pen down in a fit of pique, off to the chiropractor I shall go!

After more than twenty minutes of being poked, prodded and generally beaten up, the chiropractor asked…

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