vitamin d

I hope that the members of Team Proto-col have taken note of the article, or any other elite athlete for that matter, that was in the Telegraph today. The article found that

“athletes with low levels of vitamin D could be up to three times more likely to contract a cold in winter.”

The full article can be read here.

Here’s what Proto-col have to say about their vitamin D capsules which are endorsed by the leading physiologist Professor Greg Whyte PhD FACSM, of Harley Street.

“As recent studies show, higher doses of Vitamin D in the diet may be required; supporting muscle strength and power, immune function and the prevention of common allergies. In conjunction with 76 Harley Street and leading physiologist Professor Greg Whyte PhD FACSM, proto-col launch their high level Vitamin D supplement.

This Vitamin D key supplement has been formulated to provide the high level dose recommendation now required.

(each capsule contains 5000 IUS international units)”

You can read this for yourself at

If you are tempted to take a Vitamin D supplement, here is something I think you should read. It is Dr Mercola’s advice on Vitamin D supplementation. We read a lot about recommended dosage of this supplement and that supplement, and the truth is, that we are all different individuals, asndso what is necessary for 1 person could be too little for another. I live in Scotland, so would probably need to supplement more than Dr Mercola who lives in the sunny state of California, lucky him! He makes this point in his lengthy articles, that can be read here.

The full nutritional range can be viewed at


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