baked mineral colour correction

For those of us who have blotchy skin tones, this time of year with alcohol and parties is when we start to find excuses as to why we don’t want to attend another event which brings us out in even more blothches. So to find a product that can help camouflage and even out the skin tone for the heavy mixture of wine and heat, allows me to socialise readily without worrying about the face that I am presenting to my fellow revellers.


baked mineral colour correct

Created using natural ingredients, this unisex
product is designed with anti-inflammatory
properties to combat problem areas of the skin.
proto-col colour correct helps to soften the skin
and restore it’s natural PH balance, with the
natural hypoallergenic ingredients.
Developed alongside top UK make-up artists,
cutting edge technology has been used to create
a flawless product that will help to diminish
blemishes, redness and shine as well as improve
tired looking sallow skin.

The Baked Mineral Cosmetics by Proto-col combines the highest quality natural ingredients, and is fast becoming the preferred choice among make-up artists, becasue they offer flawless coverage whilst soothing the skin, a “healthier” option with a beautiful finish.

The collection has been developed using jojoba, safflower, lavender, green tea, rosemary and magnolia bark, which all work in harmony with each other to create an allergen free, skin calming, rejuvenating product that is kind to skin. (Are you beginning to see why I love it?)

Safflower and Magnolia Bark work in harmony with each other to improve the skins hydration and acts as a protective barrier to retain moisture and soothe skin problems. The skin hydration is so important for those of us of a more mature age, but important for young skins too, to prevent early signs of ageing.

 The stunning formulation brings out the best in your skin – preventing breakouts, softening the skin and rejuvenating through strengthening skin cells, proto-col baked mineral cosmetics deliver seamless coverage, leaving you with beautiful skin and stunning looks.

The full baked mineral range can be found here


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