christmas eve


Well, Christmas day is nearly here, so to all those who have been reading my blog, and following it, can I take this opportunity to wish you a very Merry Christmas, and let us not forget what it is all about. Let us remember the Christ in the Mass! If you must put Xmas, then remember that he died upon a cross, for us.

Tradition has it that tonight Father Christmas, or is it only Santa Claus, will be zooming round the skies delivering presents to all the girls and boys. Last year I heard the comment, from a small child “Even Santa favours the rich kids!” Oh how true is that? I strugggled with “Santa” when my daughter was growing up. People asked her what “Santa” was bringing her. I used to gently tell them, that Santa brought her things in her stocking, but the gifts beneath the tree were from friends and family who loved her, and wanted to buy her presents at this special time of year. Without knowing who had bought them, who did she know who to thank? Gratitude is paramount for a happy healthy life.

Many of us stop to wonder what Father Christmas does the rest of the year. We think he sleeps the rest of the year off in a secret place somewhere in the North Pole. Well for those of you who don’t know, Father Christams used to wear green! And I have discovered what he does the rest of the Year, and it is here!


He is busy running and bringing the good news of Green Magic to everybody! Merry Christmas Everybody!

Here he is, just a week ago, doing his training routine so that he has the stamina to get through tonight! green magic santa

Wehey he has already started his travels “downunder!santa's off!


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