Something a little different here from my usual “proto-col” theme (although I am sure I will get it in there somewhere!)

I have only been blogging a few short months, and I am very grateful to those of you who are already following me, thank you. Today I took the time to read another blog called the Daily Post and decided to follow their advice. So here’s todays post, and it is for their weekly photo challenge, which this week is entitled “Beginning” aptly appropriate for those of us who have just celebrated the New Year.

For the past oh I don’t know how many years, too many to remember, I have spent New years Eve at home, waiting for midnight to come, so that I can raise a glass and say Happy New Year to my husband, before we go up to bed. This year we decided to go away for it, and decided on Iceland, of all places. When I told people that I was going away, a typical response was “Oh you are going somewhere warm to get away from the cold?” Er no we went somewhere even colder! But it was a truly amazing experience, and the beginning for my quest to find the Northern Lights. Don’t get me wrong, we did see the Northern Lights but if I am honest I was a tad disappointed, not because they weren’t brilliant, but becasue I couldn’t capture them on camera! So my photo entitled beginning, is about the beginning of my quest to get a photo of the Northern Lights. I came straight home and looked into cruises that take you up the coast of Norway and up into the Arctic circle! Not booked yet, but it’s an addition to my bucket list.

What I do have is a reminder of my brilliant time in Iceland, with all it’s natural glories, and my choice for this challenge is a photo of the Gullfoss waterfall on the Golden Circle. this marks the start of not only the New year, but the beginning of my 30 day challenge, and my quest to see the Northern lights and capture them on film!

When I look at this picture, I see no beginning, but am reminded that life is a continuum. We have happily celebrated the coming of a new year, but the 1st January just follows the 31st December, just like any other day follows the one before it, and the one after it. So the water in the waterfall has no beginning and no end to its journey, but is actually part of the continuous journey. The clouds in the sky, hold the water droplets that will fall as rain to feed the river and thus the waterfall, to flow to the sea and continue the continuous cycle which has no beginning and thus no end!


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