day 2 of 30 day challenge

You may notice some big changes if you have been following my blog for a while. The 30 day challenge has certainly enabled me to make one or two changes to the look of my blog which I hope will enhance it for you, the reader. Any thoughts on the new look?

I now have a tagline “Your Health, Your Lifefstyle, Your Choice” Did you notice it? Any thoughts on that?

Health is more about the choices we make, rather than what life throws at us in the way of diseases. We chose what we eat, we chose whether to exercise or not, and we chose the lifestyle we lead, to some extent. Attitude is a state of mind, and there are many things available to anyone who has access to the internet, to enable us to educate ourselves and make choices that lead to better health.

What constitutes good health? Well certainly the absence of disease does not necessarliy mean we are healthy. When I was a nurse, I would often sit with people who had been recently diagnosed with a terminal disease, and often thought that they are no iller for being diagnosed, than they were the day before, it is just that they have an awareness now, that they didn’t yesterday. Some of the happiest people that I have come across have been given months to live, and live it they did, to the full.

Having a good attitude to life and all that it throws at us, is certainly a step in the right direction. I certainly find for me that having a faith in something, which for me is God, is enormously important to help me cope with the signs and symptoms that I experience occassionally. I often think that they are signs that I need to address something in my life, to get it back in balance.

An example of this was when I started to experience chest pain, a year back. Rather that head straight to the doctors, I asked  myself and/or God “What is my heart not in?” I remember the moment, I had stopped to admire the sunset over the Isle of Arran, and took a picture.

Drive to West Kilbride March 2013 007

The answers was quite shocking, and really made me do a double-take, but it was the truth, and so I had to do something about it. And the amazing thing is, once I had aknowledged the fact that I was doing something every day of my life that my heart wasn’t in, I was then faced with a choice about what I could do about it. Once I did something about it, and that something was change my attitude towards it, my chest pain stopped. Now to everyone who is reading this, please take responsibilty for your own health, I don’t suggest that anybody with chest pain does what I did and does not go to the doctor, but with my background I knew that I wasn’t about to have a heart attack, but I do think that if I had continued to go about living life with my heart not in something so major, that I might have ultimaltey had one, who knows?

When you experience a symptom of any description, reflect back to yourself, depending on what the symptom is, what is the challenge that you are facing, depending on the part of the body. Some examples are,

Breathing difficulties: Who or what is suffocating you?

Bowel distubances: Don’t put off dealing with the crap in your life. Is someone treating you like shit? Ask yourself why you stay around that person?

Neck problems: Who’s the pain in the neck in your life?

Haemmorhoids/Piles Who’s the a*******e in your life? Or the crap that you have been dealing with has put so much pressure on you, you have piles.

I will finish with a story of a client of mine who was healthy apart from one massive pile. The following words came out of my mouth before i realised it

“Who’s the ar****le in your life?”

She answered even quicker than me

“My Boss!” and then clamped her hand over her mouth.

So I asked her why she spent so much time with someone who she had so little respect for? She pondered on that for some time, and came back a week later to tell me that she had thought long and hard about what i had said, and I was right. She had found another job and had applied for it, which she subsequently got. She didn’t end up taking it, but she had made that decision to stay working for her original boss, which put her back in control of her future.

Thought for today: Listen to your body, it contains powerful messages for you. If you have anything that you would like to mention, please feel free to make a comment. I cannot however give you a diagnosis or advise you what to do, what I may be able to offer is an insight.


Joy x


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