The Outsiders:Daily Prompt

Being a McTimoney Chiropractor is like being on the outside of the health profession, when in reality we do a lot more for health than many “bona fide” NHS doctors and professionals.  I know because I started out as one of them.

My healing career started with 20 years of being a Nurse. At first I loved it, I was helping people, but over time, I realised that many people either didn’t want to be helped, their perogative in my view, but there were also those who didn’t want to help themselves. After about 15 years I was becoming frustrated, working shift patterns, being away from my friends and family to look after people, that to be honest had not helped themselves, when it came to keeping themselves healthy.

Diabetics who smoked, patients with cirrhosis of the liver who drank, but mainly smokers who ended up having their limbs amputated because they continued to smoke long after they had been advised not to. So I decided to re-train as a McTimoney Chiropractor. Now on the whole, people that I treat want to help themselves to get better.

Now after 15 years working in private practice, (because we are not recognised by the NHS,) I am becoming frustrated again because I see and treat so many people, who quite frankly, the “health service” is letting down.

Take for example a lady who came to see me for the very first time on Monday of this week. She has been in pain for 18 months. She has had MRI scans, CT scans and even ultrasounds, to check that her pain was not coming from an ovary problem.  All clear as far as the medics were concerned. But still she was in pain, despite taking large amounts of Tramadol on a regular basis. She had been off work for 6 months during this period. Her GP described her problem as one of a wiring problem! She had been told that if she could be re-wired, then she would be ok. Well guess what? That is exactly what we McTimoney’s do! We correct the alignment of the spine so that the wires, or nerves, are free, and not trapped, impinged, or any other interference that you care to mention.She had one treatment with me, got up off my treatment couch, and burst into tears, because she was pain free for the first time in 18 months! She cried, I hugged her! her relief was palpable!

Now I don’t for one moment wish to be part of the NHS, but that is a whole new blog, but I do feel that my fellow Chiropractors, along with the majority of the rest of the CAM profession, are the ones who are really our “health service” but we are made to feel like outsiders, looking in, when in reality we were promoting healthy lifestyle, healthy eating and exercise long before the NHS cottoned on to the fact that our lifestyle has so much to do with our health.

Happy Health to You. And if anyone reading this has any questions I would be more than happy to help. Of course any help given remotely like this is no subsitute for consulting a practitioner who can observe and examine you in person.

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