daily post:fast forward

I apologize because this is not going to give you any insight into what my life would look like if I fast forwarded, the reason being that I like to live in the “Now”. Now is the only thing that we have control over. We cannot change what has gone on before, and we can do little to change the future.

We might like to think that we have control over our own destiny, we can make all the right plans to do something, but then something goes and happens that changes that. It might be something quite simple like our alarm doesn’t go off in the morning, or it could be something more catastrophic, like a tsunami or earthquake.

So to try and fast forward to a specific date in the future would be like trying to cheat God. God’s timing is perfect, and to fast forward to a date in the future, when I haven’t learnt the lessons that I would need to appreciate that day, would be counter-productive.

I am intrigued to what date others may have chosen though? I eagerly await their daily offerings.



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