Daily post;Quirky habit

As a Christian I try and be tolerant of other people’s quirky habits! That’s not to say that I always suceed! And I have one or two of my own that I know irritates my daughter, so lets talk about those shall we.

First of all, I have an annoying habit of clicking my fingers when I am trying to remember things. For example, tomorrow I am flying to Paris, so I have to pack. It is for my daughter’s 18th Birthday, which is on Tuesday 14th January. I have several surprises in store for her, and it has taken some planning. Air flights, hotel arrangements, money exchange, lunches and evening entertainment, that sort of thing. Much of it has been done online, so I have tickets or confirmations to print off. As I go around the house making sure that I have all of the things to go, I will be clicking my fingers, whilst the list of to-do things will be going round my head, to make sure that everything is packed, including boarding passes, Disneyland Paris confirmation letter, chargers for laptop, so that I can continue my daily postings for you etc 🙂 My daughter will say “stop clicking your fingers” but I will continue to click away, it is like a nervous tic!

Another quirky habit that I have which my daughter shudders at, is my taking a teaspoonful of Green Magic in water everyday. I have done this now for 16 months. I will be taking a small pot with me to Paris (it is already to go in case you are wondering) along with my collagen capsules. Funnily enough James Greenwell, Proto-col’s MD has just returned from Paris where he was on national TV. Proto-col collagen is loved by the Parisians. http://www.proto-colprofessionals.com/010123  take a look at their full range. I just love all of it, and it drives my daughter nuts when I even mention the name. I must admit I might be myself up some Christian Dior whilst I am in Paris, I am a bit partial to it.

Think of me please on Tuesday as I spend the morning of my daughter’s Birthday shopping in Paris! I loathe shopping, and so I think that I will be doing a lot of finger clicking, or tapping, which is equally annoying as far as she is concerned. I will try and occupy myself with taking lots of photographs to keep Vida happy!

Because I want to try and make this Birthday trip full of surprises I have only told my daughter some of the things that we have planned, there is much more that she does not know about, and I hope that I can safely mention those things on here because she does not even know I blog, so the chances of her seeing this is remote.

We have lunch booked up the Eiffel Tower. Now that means that we have to be there at a set time, this will interfere with her shopping, so I will be clicking away like mad! Are you beginning to get the picture here?

We have an evening at the Lido. I have to get her ready to leave our hotel at 6 pm. I will be ready and clicking whilst she straightens her hair, gets dressed, and redressed, and changed again as she decides what to wear. Click click click click click, just even thinking about it, which is why my fingers are fair flying over the keyboard as I click.

Well I guess I should stop clicking away on here, and go and get some more things packed, so that my daughter doesn’t get all freaky tomorrow with my clicking. I hope that it will be a click-free day, but unless somebody chops my fingers off that is unlikley, and then I shall have to resort to toe-tapping, she hates that too 😉



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