daily prompt;ripped from the headlines

I must admit I am not keen on following the news on a regular basis as I find it quite depressing. I find myself switching on the TV at 6pm, listenening to the headlines, and then think, “OK I know what is going on in the world now” and switch over for some ligh-hearted entertainment after a day at work in my Chiropractic Health Clinic. I don’t feel as though my life is lacking for not knowing the ins and outs of the French Presidents complicated love life! Who am I to judge?

But one thing that I am learning from blogging and doing the daily prompt, is that it will challenge me to think about things that I might otherwise give little regard to. So I thought about the website that I would go to for my news, and my first thought was Facebook, ashamedly. It is often on FB that I will read a status of one of my friends, which will alert me to the latest tragedy (good news actually reaching the news is rare,  😦  although we did have the birth of another great-grandchild for the Qyeen just this week! It hardly caused a stir!

From Facebook, if it is something that I want to read further, I head over to the BBC News, so it was to that website that I headed when I read the daily prompt.

How would my business benefit if there was a “Curb on use of private sector to treat NHS patients”?

As a Private Health Care Provider, you might think that it would have a negative impact on my business, but the truth is that I have never had a referral from the NHS, so directly it will have no impact whatsoever. Indirectly it can only mean more business for me, as more and more people become disillusioned with the NHS, as waiting lists get longer and longer. I hear stories on a daily basis about how people cannot get an appointment with their doctor for week’s, physio appointments once you have been referred by your GP are 6 weeks + for non-urgent cases, so it can only be good for those health care provider’s who are willing and waiting to provide a service to the public who are becoming dis-heartened with the health care that they receive from the NHS. The report states that 0.8% of the annual spend, that’s £28 million in 2012/13, was paid, for treatments in the private sector. That might be less than 1 percent, but we are talking big spend as a whole, so that is a lot of treatments being bought privately by the health boards. Can the NHS pick up those patients, without a decline in service? What will the government need to do to make sure that they can provide the same service themselves without making waiting times longer?

Do people need to start to take more responsibilty for their health by watching what they eat, doing some form of regular  exercise, and consider having regular alternative treatments to keep themselves healthy?

What do you think? I would be happy to hear your views.


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