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Oh there are so many people that I could single out, but if I have to chose one person that I would like to be reading this blog, then it would have to be Andy Murray.

As a tennis fan (I write this in the early hours of the morning, just having watched Ana Ivanovic put out Serena Williams in the Australian Open) I have followed Andy’s progress, and watched as he  has grimaced and fell to the ground clutching various parts of his body. I would love the chance to get my hands on him, and straighten him up. Why do I think that he could do with realigning? Because he posts photographs where one shoulder is higher than the other.

For anybody watching the Australian Open, have a look at their logo of a tennis player, with left arm outstretched throwing the ball up to serve, and the right arm ready to power through the serve, at that point the spine is arched, ready to flex as the body comes through to serve. They repeatedly perform this one-sided actions,  add to that the fact that they carry heavy bags on 1 shoulder, then they are prone to mis-alignments. I am frequently advising women not to carry bags on theri shoulder, and this picture shows just what the spine does to compensate.

handbag skeleton Imagine it was a tennis bag, and then add to that the nature of the game. Can you see why so many tennis players have so many injuries. Should have gone to a McTimoney Chiropractor?

Being a one-sided sport, it is very important that a tennis player does exercise that balances the body up, and I am sure that Andy has the best team behind him, to make sure that his strength is even. I once treated an up and coming tennis player, when he was just 14. His dominant side had well developed musculature, but his non-dominant side was, well I can only call it puny! He did not balance his strength up on his non-dominant side, and his strong side pulled his weak side out of a alignment, giving rise to sport’s injuries. He could not join a gym as he was considered too young! I often wonder how his health is now, he went off to the tennis academy in Surrey, where I am sure they took good care of him.

Andy has recovered well from the surgery that he had on his back, if his performance at the Australian Open is anything to go by. We have not been told exactly what his surgery entailed, but I often wonder whether he would have needed the treatment had he had McTimoney Chiropractic treatment, and started to take Proto-col collagen capsules. Who knows, maybe he already takes them? Proto-col has highly regarded professionals who advise elite athletes, so maybe he is one of our “Team Proto-col” but just prefers it if is a closely guarded secret. Athletes commonly have treatments that are known only to them and their close team, as they consider that it gives them an edge on their competitiors.

James Greenwell of Proto-col discusses the importance of collagen supplements for athletes.

So Andy, this is for you! My daughter is at Uni at Stirling, just up the road from Dunblane. I am taking her back after the Christmas break next Saturday 26th January. I hope that you are otherwise occupied down-under, but if you happen to have free weekend, and you are “at home” celebrating Burns Night, then I would be only too happy to pop by! 🙂

I guess you could just buy it from here, and keep it a secret 😉

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