Mirror, mirror, Daily prompt

Mirror, mirror on the wall Do I recognise your face at all?

The genes are there for all to see, but is my mother staring at me?

I do not know, she did not stay, to stare upon my face that day

She did not look as I do now, and see in me my furrowed brow

She had her reason, I have no doubt Why she could not stay, and hence got out

But if behind my eyes you see some pain, remember it is not me.

She had her own pain, that I know, her parenting told her I would grow

Inside her, but not outside too, that subject was defintiely taboo

My baby growing outside of me, will not repeat the history

I gaze and gaze upon her face, remembering a different place

I look at my baby 18 years past, her looks like mine will not last

Her image is like mine I know, I see her, into her Mother grow.

Am I my mother, like she is me? The eyes, the scowl, the pout agree

I live my life not knowing who, my daughter’s looks are granny’s too


Joy Rivett-Gill   January 2014

This post was inspired by Opinionated Man’s post “Gift of a Stranger” on his blog “A Good Blog is Hard to Find” and can be found here http://shatteredsmoke.com/2013/12/15/gifts-of-a-stranger/#comments


7 thoughts on “Mirror, mirror, Daily prompt

  1. Thanks to all of you who have liked this poem. I am very new to this blogging lark, and haven’t yet sussed out how to reply to you individually but I hope to ( a job for the weekend) Cannot confess to a zero to hero in 30 days. 🙂 Still cannot work out the widget thing. Blessings Joy x

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