nice is as nice does

The nicest thing I ever did was turn up for work, and the great thing is, that I can repeat it every day of my working life. It is a privilege to serve the people that seek and find me, in my work. What is so nice about what I do? Well I help people get a grip back on their lives, I give them the chance to get back to doing all the things that they want to do.

So many of us are walking around complaining about this symptom, or that sign, all of which are a sign that their body is not functioning optimally, whether physically or mentally.

In my health clinic I listen to these people, something which they often say is so nice, that someone is taking the time to actually listen to them. We discuss their dis-ease, and look for solutions to help them to get a hold on their life, before their symptoms turn into disease. If they go to their GP, then they know that the chances are that they will be offered painkillers, which are causing huge problems that we nnow have a National Problem of Legal Drug Addiction!

Take this article from Dr Mercola, where he talks about the legal drugs industry killing more people that those deaths from illegal drugs. Yes that’s right, over the counter medication or prescribed painkillers are a bigger problem that those taking illegal drugs. People are becoming addicted to their pain medications. Read his article here

So if someone comes into my clinic, and I can eliminate the need for taking this type of medication, I think that’s pretty nice don’t you?


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