Write the blurb for the book jacket of the book you’d write, if only you had the time and inclination.

Well here it is:

“Imagine growing up, the subject of a social process of the 60’s, when being divorced, pregnant and single was considered a mental illness. The feelings of the author are real, the events and scenarios surrounding her conception, foetal life and birth, and subsequent fostering and adoption process, are imaginary, based on the social services of the day, what was written in her social care notes, and what she was told as she was growing up. An insight into how it feels to be an adopted adult, when any incidence that remotely resembles rejection and abandonment, many years on, are magnified through that lens. Read the revelations that are unwittingly told at her mother’s funeral, which explained so much of why, even when they were re-united when the author was 19, the mother continues to reject her daughter and the pain that this re-rejection causes. When she asks God, “But surely I don’t remember how it felt when my mother walked out on me at the maternity unit?”  God replies “But your Soul does!”

APPEAL FOR HELP! Are there any writers out there who would be willing to help me actually get this written?


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