Burn’s Night, and a Proto-col Challenge!

Today is 25th January, Burn’s Night will be celebrated around the World. Proto-col set a challenge, to write about either them, or one of their products, so here is my attempt.

ODE TO GREEN MAGIC                                   

What did I do before I met you, before you joined me at breakfast?

By 3pm my eyelids grew weary, by 9 I was no longer upright

Fatigue a constant companion, no energy to enjoy my life.


Then you entered on an October day like a burst of Autumn sunshine

keeping company with my meditation, at first a guest, getting acquainted

I must admit, a little getting used to, but soon, we were comfortable together.


If a morning went by and you weren’t invited, by lunchtime you let me know it

Then you would be a welcome guest, company for my sandwich and cake

Now a day without your presence, is like a day without love and laughter!


Green Magic website: http://www.proto-colprofessionals.com/010123/shop/products/naturally-advanced-nutrition/green-magic-super-size_1n-3010-40.htm

If you would like to see the full range of proto-col products, then visit:

and maybe write a verse yourself.
If you would like to become a Proto-col Ambassador then complete this form and someone will be in contact with you.


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