Round up

I have thrown myself into this blogging lark, it has taken over anything and everything that I have been used to doing outside of my working life, and oh what a journey it is taking me on!

It started of as a blog for proto-col products, products that I had started to use myself, because I found them so good for my sensitive skin. I have a theory as to why that should be so, my skin being sensitive that is!

I put it down to being adopted! I think I can write for most adopted people out there, and say we have low self esteem, and it is that, that manifests as a physical symptom. Why would anybody want to look at me? I am going to develop a skin which backs that up! Red blotches that make me want to stay inside and hide! Mission accomplished! Proto-cols colour correction is FANTASTIC!

Then I read Opinionated Man’s blog about the Stranger’s Gift! A few days later the Daily Prompt gave us the title”Mirror,Mirror”  and I wrote a poem inspiredlinked it to OM’s blog. suddenly I found more people liking a post than I had previously encountered. My esteem shot up, even without colour correct.

I discovered some artwork by one of my likers, “artgland” done using old records of people’s stay in hospital, and it gave me an idea for some therapy! I had requested and seen my social care notes 5 years ago, and had scanned them. I commented and asked how I could print them on 21st century technology, and get that old look of 1960’s mediacl notes?

I am on a roll. Somewhere in all this, I might have got the chronology wrong, apologies, a freelance writer  liked my “mirror, mirror” post. I thanked her for my like and commented that that was the first piece that I had ever written about being adopted. She wished me well in the creative process. People have often told me that I should write a book about my experiences, and I always said that I have lived a more complicated story plot than any you could see on a soap! Now I may just write it! I have emailled a published author of this genre who has sent me very encouraging emails, and suggested that I read her book, and even suggested that I might find it in  alibrary rather than forking out for it.

If you don’t see me blogging in the near future it is becasue I am busy writing my story! So keep an eye out on Richard and Judy!


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