I took a day off from blogging  yesterday as my of copy, “About Writing and How to Publish” by Cathy Glass,arrived in the post.  I spent the day reading it, and immediately wondered what I was taking on, trying to write my story.

My mind is now a list of dates, and wondering how I am going to find out the facts, other than what I already have, to get this book to a)become a reality and b)make it sound coherent.

I have some dates, like my parents birthdays, date of death, but what I don’t have is dates of weddings to previous spouses, or divorces, grandparents weddings, date grandfather went off to war, if he ever did. I now realise just how much research goes into making a story sound plausible and the timeleine correct with historical facts and pop history.

I have discovered however who was at the top of the charts when my mother was pregnant with her 2 daughters, and what I was likley to have been listening to, in utero! Some progress made then!


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