Flangiprop; 365 Days of Writing Prompts

Flangiprop: a prop, whether physical or emotional that we use as a valid excuse not to do things. They usually hold us back from great achievements. There is often a sense of blame towards others or things, for having a flangiprop. It is always preceeded by “I was going to, but……..”

 “If it wasn’t for my parents, mother, father, brother, school teacher, the economy, the recession, David Cameron…etc I would be an astronaut, ballet dancer, entrepeuner.

 As we move into February, our new year’s resolutions seem so far behind us, but that was when the flangiprop really comes into it’s own. How many times do you hear the phrase “well I kept my new year’s resolution for a week, before I broke it?” My mother rang and I felt like a two year old again, so I made myself a pile of pancakes and ate the lot in one go! Oh if only she hadn’t called I would have been fine!” That is a typical example of an emotional flangiprop.

 The weather is often used as a flangiprop. I was going to go for a walk every day, but it was pouring down with rain!

 My own flangiprop is my childhood, I use it as an excuse not to achieve anything because it has given me a less that high esteem of myself, and I believe that nobody like me ever achieves great things. So I have set myself a challenge to write it all down and get it published. Unfortuantley I have an even bigger flangiprop, and that is my blog. How much time is spent writing for this rather than writing my story? Procrastinating and telling people that that is what I am going to do, rather than getting on and doing it. They can however have a flip side, people liking and commenting on my blog, affirms that what I have to say is appreciated by others around the blogosphere.

 The best antidote to a flangipropi (pl of flangiprop) are affirmations and so I have written one for myself


 Bless you for reading and I hope that I have encouraged one or two of you to examine your own flangipropi, and start to deal with them. Let me know how you get on!


3 thoughts on “Flangiprop; 365 Days of Writing Prompts

  1. Oh my, we all have our own flangipropi!

    I think the secret is not to let the negative thoughts win. We can and we will succeed…..we just need to all cheer each other along and remind ourselves of that when we feel our spirits starting to dim.

    Keep at it!

    Heather xxx

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