Weekly Writing Challenge

My first writing challenge inspired by http://dailypost.wordpress.com/2014/02/03/inspiration-images-1000-words/


Trudi sat in the waiting room, nervously twiddling the handle of her handbag, her head pounding like it had every day for the past year or two. She had suffered with headaches all of her life, but they were getting worse. As a child she had been to the G.P. who got her to look up, look down, look sideways, say argh and shone a torch into various parts of her body before declaring,

“She will probably grow out of them”

That was the final prognosis as a child. But she hadn’t, in fact from puberty onwards they had gotten worse. Secondary school had been a nightmare, especially Chemistry, where she sat on a hard stool in the Chemistry laboratory, twisting her neck to see the board at the front of the class.

If it hadn’t been for her love of horses, well 1 horse in particular, she felt that her life would be unbearable, because of these damn headaches. Her horse was her world. She had started riding very young, when her grandfather bought her a pony for her 5th birthday. Now at 24 she had outgrown her pony, but not her headaches.

She woke up early every morning, not feeling too bad, but as soon as she got out of bed-POW-the pain hit her between the eyes. It was almost as though her head were too heavy for her neck to support. She reached for the painkillers which were by the side of her bed, and slugged two down before she did anything else. They didn’t take the pain away anymore, but made it bearable. On really bad days, she had stronger tablets for migraines, the doctor called them. On those days she just pulled the duvet back over her head and prayed that when she woke up she would be feeling better. She didn’t dare contemplate getting out of bed on these days, because the room would spin and she was in danger of throwing up. They had tried to give her anti-depressants, explaining that they worked on blocking the central nervous system, but she didn’t really understand why they were trying to explain things to her, didn’t they know she had a headache? But these pills had side effects that were worse than the headaches. She needed to be able to drive the Landrover and pull the horse trailer, so they sat on the medicine cabinet shelf, slowly edging towards their expiry date.

More tests carried out by her doctor, CT scans, an appointment with a neurologist, skull X-rays, just in case she’d broken something when she fell off her horse last summer. Luckily she had a Charles Owen riding helmet which had protected her head and she hadn’t fractured her skull! She had even had a lumbar puncture, to rule out who knows what? But everything came back “normal” whatever that meant, she felt very far from normal. It was seriously beginning to encroach upon her enjoyment of life. She had even contemplated ending it all-yes- she had not admitted it to anybody, but at times life really didn’t appear to have much to offer her, and the doctors weren’t giving her much hope. At times she just wanted to run away and hide, somewhere deep, where the noises could not reach her, because they just made her head worse. Somewhere where stimulation was drastically reduced, no noises, no smells, where nothing could reach her. She was 24 but felt 104.

The latest thing that her doctor wanted to do was to send her to a Headache Specialist at King’s Hospital in London, a certain Dr Dowson. Her G.P. had heard him give a talk to a group of doctors recently, and seriously thought that he could help Trudi. She had googled it and didn’t like the sound of the “headache services” sounded more like they wanted to give her a headache, and what was with this botox treatment? She had to admit that she had most of the symptoms listed on the website, the inability to concentrate, increased sensitivity to noises and smells, yep she could relate to all that.

Then one day at work, a new girl sat at the desk opposite her. She was a bright bubbly girl, full of life and Trudi thought

“Oh please take your bubbliness somewhere else can’t you?”

“Are you alright” she asked Trudi, “only you look unwell, if you don’t mind me saying like, we have only just met after all.”

“Yes, yes just a headache, I get them all the time”

“Well isn’t it your lucky day” bubbled the new girl, “it just so happens I used to suffer from those a lot too.”

“Did you?”

“Yes for years, after I fell of a horse”

Well Trudi suddenly thought that maybe this new girl could be an angel with a message for her.

“When you said that you used to, why, don’t you get them anymore? What did you do?”

“I found myself a good Chiropractor, one that did the McTimoney method. It’s been the best thing I ever did. She explained what had probably happened when I fell off my horse. She said it caused misalignments in my neck, which she said was causing me to have headaches, and within 3 treatments my headaches had gone.”

“Just like that? Did it hurt?” Trudi wondered.

“Not in the slightest. She explained that she worked with the body, and the adjustments were quick and light. She did warn me that I might get a headache after treatment, but that it wouldn’t last long, and she was right.”

“Do you have her number?”asked Trudi “I might just give her a ring right now.”

The girl got her iphone out and read out the number to Trudi, who noted it down, as well as the name of the clinic, “The Joy of Health Clinic”, “Now that is the name that sounds like they can help you be healthy rather than service your headache,” joked Trudi.

“Oh yes, she was very helpful, gave me all sorts of advice about work stations, drinking plenty of water, exercises to stretch my neck whenever I felt it getting a little stiff. All in all, much more helpful than my G.P. She also recommended that I started to take Green Magic too, and d’you know what, it is Magic! I have so much more energy these days, and I swear it is the combination of McTimoney Chiropractic and Green Magic.

“Is it fizzy?” asked Trudi.


“Is it fizzy, cos you just seem so bubbly”

So here she was sitting in the waiting room of the Joy of Health Clinic, contemplating what it would be like to be free of headaches. Could this be the treatment that was the answer to her headaches, she truly hoped so.



The author of this piece is herself a McTimoney Chiropractor, and this is typical of the types of people that come into her clinic, giving this sort of history. If you have been affected by this story and would like to know more, please get in touch, but Joy is sorry that she cannot give advice on individual cases. Please consult your own health professional in your area. Joy cannot be held responsible for treatment sought as a result of reading this story.

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