MY Dream Job

I am so privileged to be doing my dream job and that is to be a McTimoney Chiropractor and Health Coach. So what makes my job so great. Well I get to teach people about choices they can take to first of all, get healthy, and then more importantly, to stay healthy. Most people tend to think that Chiropractors are “Bad Back Specialists” and if that is your understanding, then let me explain. We are not. We are probably the closest thing that you will ever find to being your perfect doctor if your Chiropractor practises a Vitalistic approach, because we do not treat people with forms of therapy that cause harm. Our aim is to relieve the nervous tissue in the human body from any impingement, and thus allow the nerve impulses to flow freely from the brain to the body, and from the body to the brain.

Take a look at this link to see how our nervous tissue connects with our internal organs at each level of the spine.

Provides Powerful Antioxidant Effects

Green Magic™ contains an array of concentrated natural antioxidant enzymes, edible greens and sea vegetables that reduces oxidative damage and boosts the immune system. Japanese Scientists have identified and proved that special polysaccharide molecules, found in the green algae Spirulina, in Green Magic offers powerful protection against tumours.

(Akira Tominaga et al , Dept Neurosurgery, Kochi Medical School, Kochi University, Kohasu, Nankoku, Kochi Japan Anti- inflammatory & Anti-Allergy Agents in Medical Chemistry 2010 9, 238 -250)

green magic on the ORAC scale


Now let me stress a point here, that I do not confess to be a cancer expert, and I know that some of my followers have experienced one form of cancer or another, but I believe that there is more to cancer than the medical profession would have us believe. Cancer is after all big business, and employs a lot of people and makes large profits for the pharmaceutical companies. There are many ways in which we can limit our risks of getting cancer, and also minimize the risks that current treatments have. It is well documented that chemotherapy and radiotherapy have nasty side effects, and people with cancer will often say that it is a battle. I am very lucky that I have never been in the position where I have had a diagnosis of cancer, but that is possibly because I do not have any recommended screenings. Shock horror I hear those of you who are adamant that screening saved you from dying from cancer, because yours was picked up early enough to be treated. You are welcome to your opinion as equally, I am able to have mine. I don’t go for screening because I believe that the very screening process can cause cancer in itself.

This quote is from Nature reviews Molecular Cell Biology

 Malignant tumours often develop at sites of chronic injury, and tissue injury has an important role in the pathogenesis of malignant disease, with chronic inflammation being the most important risk factor.

So the very act of having regular mammograms that squash breast tissue, or smear tests where chronic injury is a side effect to me seems counter-productive.

Now I know that some of you who follow my blog, are writing about your battles with cancer, and that is great, but forgive me if I do not follow yours in return. I firmly believe that our health is our choice and our responsibilty, and those people who choose to come and consult me, have taken that step not to go down the traditional route, which our health service provides, which is basically to “scar, burn or poison” us. Now I know that many of you may be reeling in horror at this thought, but basically surgery, radiotherapy and or chemotherapy and drugs, do one of those things to our body.

So what else can you do to limit the risks? I highly recommend a daily dose 3g of Green Magic.

Improves cardiovascular health and lowers biological age

Green Magic has been scientifically tested to prove it can offer both anti-ageing and cardiovascular benefits. Under clinical conditions adults took a daily serving of 3 grams of Green Magic powder every day for 3 months, the results showed that people in the age group 40-60 lowered their biological cellular age by 13.5 years.

(Favourable effects of a food supplement on bioelectric characteristics of human nuclear genome. Dept. of Genetics and Cytology, Khariv State University, Ukraine 2000)

I hope that this gives a flavour of how much passion I have for my job and other people’s health and helping them to find a natural way to increase their health, that there is another side to healthcare than your doctor will provide.

Blessings and Good Health to you all, and thanks for reading this far.


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