A Cup of Poo Anyone?

2 days ago I went to my weekly meeting of the Writer’s club. The topic was Sci Fi, and the wonderful speaker, David Bishop, who has written episodes for Doctor Who as well as Doctors, suggested that we might take a look at New Scientist for some ideas as to what is going on in the Science World for ideas! So I did, and came across an interesting if not disgusting topic “Healing by Faeces” How shit is that?

The idea is to reset the gut flora using bacteria in the stools of a healthy person. you don’t say? Surely that’s what probiotics are for?

In my clinic I have seen remarkable results with Green magic, for conditions that faecal microbiota transplantation (FMT) is apparently being used for. Some of you at this point are possibly thinking that I have got my months mixed up and that it is the 1st March and not April Fools day, so just for you a link to New Scientist wesite; http://www.newscientist.com/article/mg22129582.800-healing-by-faeces-rise-of-the-diy-gutbug-swap.html#.UxELsoXobIU

So if you are considering FMT, can I please suggest that you give Green Magic a try first? Please, for my own stomach!




2 thoughts on “A Cup of Poo Anyone?

    • It’s an idea for a sci fi story. It starts “A plop onto the welcome mat heralded the arrival of the latest treatment for……..? They were plopping through letterboxes all over the country!”
      What do you think of that as an opening? or should I say orifice 😉

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