Non-International Women’s day

I am so glad that this day is over, I am possibly one of the few women who did not celebrate it or mark it in any way, like posting a status on Facebook or Tweeting about it. Why is that?

Because I think as half of the human race, we do not need a day to celebrate our femininity, our uniqueness or the things that we have accomplished, and then allow the men to have the other 364 days to themselves. We should take hold of every opportunity to let the world know what we are capable of on whatever day we want to, and not be made to make a concerted effort for 24 hours in the year.

Saying that I will also decline to post on International Men’s Day, for the very same reason.

The sooner men and women can see themselves as part of the same human race, regardless of gender, then we will have made a huge leap towards gender equality. A pre-school in Sweden is trying to do just that, by referring to the children that attend as “friends” rather than Girls and Boys. To read more

My humble opinion, but that is what it is! Happy to be a rebel and non-conformist. Blessings to you for reading this far.



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