Destruction of Literature, not in my Name

 I have just been to see the film,  tImagehe Book Thief adapted from Markus Zusak’s book, with my daughter, and it struck me during the film how much importance we put on the written word. In the film there is a scene where the Nazis were burning books belonging to the Jews and it suddenly struck me how much emotion is tied up in the pages of books. Throughout history, victors have entered conquered cities and proceeded to destroy their literature. As the saying goes, “History is written by the victors”, and why is that? Because they destroy the words of those whom they have opposed, or the oppressed destroy their records on the way out.


What also struck me is that the creative part of life, has the potential to increase significantly with age, and yet the scientific discoveries get superceded, and yet we appear to put so much more importance on the scientific studies than we do on the creative, especially on our children once they enter education.

 Words are powerful, they can transport you to different places, evoke memories and feelings, put you in the position of those who have gone before you, to give you a skin that is not yours, they have even been known to give you fur. Words can be used to lift people up, or they can stamp on people.

 Be careful what you write! Blessings Joy x


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