Time Flies When You Are Busy! Part 1

Can you believe that we are well into and even past the first quarter of 2014. I confess I have been busy, and blogging has taken a back seat. A back seat in a 54 seater coach! So when I saw that another 30 day blogging challenge starts on April 15th I was elated. But like New year’s resolution, why wait? So for those of you who have elected to follow me, here is a quick catch up on all that has been happening in the past 3 weeks that has kept me from you.

I chose to stand for election for the AABW committee. Now if you google AABW you could come up with the idea that I have emigrated to Australia and taken up with a little boutique grape-grower, but no, it is the Ayrshire Association of Business Women, and I put myself forward for administrating their website. It is a website of the wordpress genre, so not too taxing on the non techy persona which I try and portray. One of my jobs is to keep the members area up to date, which includes logos of the various businesses. Now one lady who had not supplied me with a logo, had her photo appear in the place that was designed for said logo. How did her photo appear? I know not. The President of the Association asked me to remove it, and I had to confess to not knowing how to. It rectified itself when said business lady supplied me with her logo. Voila, photo disappeared. Several days later I am administering my own members area, and decide to change my email, as the one that I had been using was a business email. Lo and behold my photo appears. Where did that come from? Well I can only assume that because I have a wordpress blog it recognised me and stole my photo from my blog and placed it on the website. Creepy, but at least it answered the query about how a photo appeared when no photo had been uploaded. I assume that she too has a wordpress account.

Now the dilemma is, “Should I change my picture on my blog to a fluffy cat?” How will that look on a professional business woman’s website? Would the president object? How can I stop that happening? So I am looking forward to the 15th April and the blogging challenge to heopfully answer that query for me.


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