Zero to Hero Once Again!

Back in mid January I discovered the Zero to Hero, sometime after it had started. My excuse? My birthday is the 5th January, and my daughter’s is the 14th, and as it was her 18th Birthday this year, we spent it celebrating in Paris. My New Year is usually a fortnight behind everybody else’s anyway. Well who else agrees that to start New Year Resolutions, healthy eating plans and all when you have 2 Birthdays in the family is just not going to happen is it?

So I struggled to catch up, and never did get my head around the widget thing the first time round, so here I go again.

What have I been doing in the past 3 months? Well I have discovered MailChimp and now have a regular newsletter that I post out to my subscribers whenever I come across an article that I think will interest them. Would you like to subscribe to it? Well when this zero to hero campaign shows me how to link the 2 I will post the “subscribe to my newsletter” button and away we shall jolly well go! If you are like me, and want to subscribe now, well I guess it will have to be done the hard way. Click here.

I have also signed up to do a six week online course on Bioethics, which had a start date of today, so totally coincided with this Zero to Hero. I will do my best to keep all commitments, but to save time you may find an essay on Bioethics posted on myblog, to meet my commitments. I have continued to run a successful Chiropractic clinic in the SW corner of Scotland, as well as my online business in Nutition, Skincare and Make-up. Proto-col have now launched their Ambassador programme so if you would like a business working the hours that suit from home, then drop me a line.

Zero to one done!


5 thoughts on “Zero to Hero Once Again!

      • The only focus I have tried to keep in mind is I’d like to post things food related. Then I got interested in the daily prompt. That usually triggers a lost memory of hilarity.

        Thank you very much for the kind words.

      • My pleasure. I started about 9 months ago trying to promote nutritional products, but thought that I was probably just sounding like a salesperson and switching most people off. Then i started to read other people’s blogs and the daily prompts and then posts sort of grew arms and legs and started to run. Think that my blog needs some features that i am not too sure how to apply so hopefully this next 2 weeks will show me. You are welcome to my kind words 🙂

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