Help for IBS.

gut brain

So IBS, what is it? And what can any sufferer do to help themselves. Well to answer the first question, I am not going to answer it. There are enough blogs websites etc that if you don’t know what it is can I suggest that you search for it. If you are still reading at this point, the chances are you know some of the symptoms, and are possibly looking for help, either for yourself, or for someone else.

Our gut is very important for so many reasons, it has been called our second brain by neuroscientists. There is a wonderful article that can be read explaining the importance of a healthy gut with good gut flora here. I won’t try and better that article. But will point out that is stresses how important it is to have a healthy gut flora. This starts at birth, that’s our own birth, not giving birth. Believe it or not we are designed to enter this world via the vagina. In this way we get our first introduction to gut flora, as our noses gently glide past our mothers bottoms. (Hope you are not eating breakfast at this point!) Our gut then gets a healthy dose of E Coli. Now E Coli is found naturally in our gut, and sits there quite happily, keeping out other unwanted bugs. Colostrum is our next gut helper. It is packed full of anti-bodies which colonise our gut, and prepare it for a life-time of health. Is it purely coincidence that with the rise of bottle feeding, we have had a rise in bowel complaints years on as those babies turn into adults?  colostrum

In my day job, I hear many people complaining about symptoms with their bowels, and I highly recommend a teaspoonful of Green Magic every day, and they come back saying how much better their bowel habits are. Why is it so good for IBS? Well it contains  healthy bacteria, or probiotics, Lactoacidophilus bacillus, which helps to recolonise the gut, as well as fibre which helps to regulate bowel habits. If you would like to try for yourself, then just click here  .400g Green Magic


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