Blogging 101 Day 3 on Day 13

Well I promised myself that I would do the 2 blogging challenges, both of them 101 and 201, on the day that they both started. If you read my last entry (thank you) then you will already know that my blog began life about 5 months ago, but I didn’t quite catch the start of the 2014 “zero to hero” challenge, so I was very pleased to see it again. However I have been very busy at work, and networking for my work, and developing my business vision for my work, that blogging has taken a bit of a back seat, along with Mail Chimping, Tweeting and Gardening.

So what was on my mind when I started to blog. Well that would have to be the lovely delicious products that are the proto-col range. My clinic mentioned above, is a McTimoney Chiropractic clinic, but Chiropractic is what I do, not what benefits that receiving Chiropractic has on your health, becasue first and foremost I am passionate about helping people to be as healthy as they can possibly be. For 16 years now I have been telling clients that good health comes from having a good lifestyle, and by that I don’t mean having lots of money. What I mean is about having a good attitude to life, eating good wholesome food, that is as close to nature as nature intended, gentle regular exercise regime, and regular Chiropractic treatment. Why regular Chiropractic treatment I hear you ask? I don’t have a bad back.

Well let’s just think about that for a moment. Do you know what is housed inside your back? Inside your spine?

Your spinal cord! And do you know what your spinal cord does?

It controls virtually every aspect of your body. It controls your movement, it controls your hearbeat, it controls your emotions. When you see a picture, your nerves take the messages up to your brain and interpret the images, and you then decide whether to laugh or cry. They are all emotions under the control of your nervous system, which is housed in your spine. Are you beginning to see how important your spine is, and how important it is to have it well aligned so that those messages can travel freely from your body to your brain and back down to your body again. So Chiropractic treatment is vital for good health.

But if you have read all of this, you will know that I said that the reason why I started to blog was to let the world know about the wonderful Proto-col products! So let me tell you about them.

The Proto-col range started with Collagen, after the MD sustained a ruptured Achilles tendon. He took collagen and recovered in just 22 days! Yep 22 days, now anybody who has had a ruptured tendon will tell you that that is QUICK! So he decided to set up a company manufacturing collagen for athletes who have sustained sport’s injuries. I came across the company 18 months ago, and have been selling 2 of the flagship products, Green Magic and collagen capsules via my health clinic and have seen amazingly quick recovery rates too!

So that is why I started my blog.

Have you recovered from a sporting injury using anything? Please tell me about it, I would love to hear your story! 🙂



2 thoughts on “Blogging 101 Day 3 on Day 13

  1. I live with chronic pain daily… Some days are better than others, but my story is long for a comment. Can you send me an email and I can explain and you can tell me about this magic pill…. Thanks, Lor… I’m willing to try if it is guaranteed to work.

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