Day 13, Day 4 Following others

Here is a list of the 5 blogs that I have found and followed today, better late than never as the saying goes! A humurous lively blog on what it is like to be Single. From heartache- to acceptance of where she is with her emotions, Catherine’s blog is for anybody who is experiencing a break-up, to let you know that you are un-alone. Someone who is frustrated by his health, or should I say lack of. Fingers crossed they will allow me to help them. A witty view of life on Tamoxifen, or as she prefers to call it Tamoxofun! God’s Blessings and healing hand on her. Your faith will see you healed! Love the bright photos and wise words of this blog. a new blogger onbeauty and make-up so going to give her encouragement.

Blessings to all the bloggers that I am now following.


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