Pregnant Pause

If I was told that I had to choose one group of people to work with, in my Chiropractic clinic, then I would have to say that it would be pregnant ladies. Today I changed my header on my blog, and it shows the ligaments of the female pelvis. These ligaments are responsible for holding the pelvis in alignment, in any pelvis, but in  the pregnant lady, these ligaments get stretched as the baby grows, and if the pelvis is not aligned correctly, then pelvic girdle pain PGP is the result.

It is sad to say that most women with PGP, formally called SPD, get treated with a piece of tubigrip initially, and then a pair of crutches in the later stages of pregnancy. It is crippling at worse, putting pressure not just on the person concerned, but also those people around them, especially as for many of these ladies, this is not their first pregnancy, so a young family is also part of the scenario.

Today in my clinic I saw a young lady who fits that pattern written about above. It will be my priviledge to get her, and keep her in alignment throughout her pregnancy and hopefully give her the chance of such a life-changing experience that birth should be. Her first expereince was not good, I only hope that her second one will be an empowering achievement for not only her but her family.

Have you or someone you know suffered with PGP or SPD? What treatment did you find helpful, or not? Help fellow sufferers by sharing your good experiences of care by commenting below.


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