Ring of Fire

When I hear of the phrase “ring of fire” I think of those places in the world that are situated on the edges of the Earth’s Tectonic plates, and therefore have the threat of volcanic eruptions as part of their daily living. Has that got anything to do with health and Chiropractic?


Well yes I think it has. As a Chiroprator I am concerned with bones, and as a McTimoney Chiropractor, I was taught that the pelvis is the foundation stone to the whole spine. If the pelvis is aligned then the spine can be re-aligned, but if you don’t get the pelvis aligned first, then the spine will never really be stable. If the pelvis is not straight, then the spine arises from the pelvis, needing to compensate straight off. To me the pelvis is like that “ring of fire”.  It is a set of bones articulating together, just like the Continenetal plates articulate together, and sometimes they just rub along the wrong way, causing them to move. When the pressure builds up, just like a volcano venting off to relieve pressure in the Earth’s crust, so the bones move to release pressure when somebody loads the joints to heavily. Many of us know the pain when we try to move something heavy incorrectly, and we feel something move. Some people describe it as a burning burn, a ring of fire. Physics is physics, whether in the planet or the body.








8 thoughts on “Ring of Fire

  1. So interesting! I didn’t think you could relate the body to a map, but it makes total sense. I know nothing about chiropractics, but based on reading this I should probably go see one.

    Also I love the background of your blog!

    • Thank you! I am so behind on this zero to hero challenge I feel that everybody has moved on to blogging about other things now, so nice to catch up and interact with others. Blessings Joy x

      • I have trouble doing it on the weekends, so I know the “catching up” feeling every Monday. Today I am catching up from yesterday as I couldn’t post.

    • Thank you. I know I could have said that I hate hot spicy food, even the site of a chilli makes me sweat, but what I said is true, that “ring of fire” to me says volcanoes! As a Chriropractor I had to keep my blog in theme so this came to me. Blessings x

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