Take a Deep Breath

Breathing Pattern Disorders

Many people are unaware that they are developing poor breathing habits. Incorrect breathing patterns are influenced by poor posture such as hunching over a computer, therefore giving rise to spinal dysfunctions and muscle imbalances. Body language can also affect breathing capabilty. Depression and low self esteem can cause a person to hang their head, rather than lift it up high, as seen in a confident person.

How good body is designed to feel

More people now have adopted a type of breathing called chest breathing. This is apparent when they breathe mainly from their chest and not their abdomen. They lift their upper chest when breathing in. This type of breathing pattern can cause chronic overstrain of the neck, reduced activity in the muscle in between the ribs, reduced movement in your mid back (thoracic spine) and can also cause low back instability. It also causes a lot of tightening in the muscle surrounding your neck and shoulders.

You can assess your respiratory movements by placing your hand on your chest and abdomen and see how your hands move and what moves the most on inspiration and expiration.

It takes time, effort and perseverance to improve your breathing habits, but it can be done. Exercises such as yoga, pilates or TaiChi help. Practice makes perfect!A trip to your local McTimoney Chiropractor will give you the chance to et the alignment of your spine checked ut to see if there is a problem which may be helped by McTimoney Chiropractic adjustments. Breathe deep, and exhale!


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