Holiday Time!

What is it about holidays that make them so stressful? I run a very busy and successful Chiropractic clinic in Scotland. How often do I get asked to write a medical report on someone? The answer is rarely.

So what happens 1 week before you are due to go away? An insurance company writes to you asking if you can write a report for them. “Sure” I say, “I’ll get my terms and conditions off in the post and once you have agreed to them, then I will do that for you, no problem!” Sigh of relief, I have gotten myself a stay of execution.

“Oh can you email that across and we will reply by return”

“Eh yeh, I can do that I guess, but I am about to go on holiday!”

“Do you think you can do it before you go?”

So after a full day in the clinic 8am to 5pm, I found myself sitting at home, going through somebody’s notes, and writing a report. It took me 4 hours. Four hours of my husband huffing and puffing, “are you still working?”


“When are you going to pack?”

“We still have 36 hours before we are due to leave, so I have plenty of time”

Fast forward 12 hours. My best laid plans to get my daughter after her first year at Uni last week, all totally planned out, backfired. Go and pick her up a week before we are due to go, sorted. She has other ideas.

“Mum I would like to get a flat up here. I have found one and I can move in 1st June (a week later than planned)

So today we traipse up to Stirling a round trip of 150 miles, in glorious sunshine. Stirling campus is a glorious place in the sunshine. Luckily her Landlord, the lovely Tony, allowed us to drop her stuff off, whilst he and a mate are cleaning the oven. So glad to get away from the fumes back into the sunshine. She has done very well to find a lovely flat, right in the centre of the city. I can see that I will be a frequent visitor if she lets me. There is a lovely sofa!

Now we are about 20 hours before we go. i had a text this morning. An emergency, “My back’s just pinged, can you help me?”

“Sorry my diary is full, my next available appointment is 16th June at 10.45 am.”

“I’ll take it”

You can see my colleague, he has space for you”

No, you have been recommended, I can wait”

So nice to know that one has finally got a reputation that people in pain are willing to wait for you to have an opening. Do I feel a wee bit guilty that my full diary is Stockholm, St Petersburg, Oslo, Copenhagen etc? Not a bit of it.

Andy Murray is on the TV playing in the French Open. Pack or Murray?

Oh ok Murray wins.

After all you only live this life once!

Whilst watching the tennis I have an opportunity to unsubscribe to all those sites that I  have elected to be notified of new posts every single time one is posted. So now I get a weekly digest to all you lovely bloggers whose blogs I follow. Tick.

Linkedin. Tick

Hotels that I have stayed in, in the past. Tick. Laterooms, Tick.

After all you only live this life once!

Deep breath. Packing can wait!

I have been known to pack 30 minutes before I was due to leave for the airport. That wasbefore I was married. I think my husband would have a heart attack if I told him that I didn’t plan on packing until lunchtime tomorrow.


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