When Is An Upgrade Not An Upgrade?

We arrived in plenty of time, in Copenhagen. We had got up at 5am to leave our hotel at 5.30 for a ten minute trip to the airport. Everything was going smoothly. We checked a case in, and then tried to join the queue for security. Finding the end of it was not easy, it stretched back a long way. It snaked it’s way around the departure hall. There was a high point however, in the shape of Robbie Savage. Yep Robbie Savage was about 10 people behind us in the queue, and everybody stared, but pretended not too. I imagined that if Mandy or Holly had been there, they would have unashamedely got their mobiles out and taken a selfie!

40 minutes it took us to get through security, and then we were through, ready for breakfast. Time was running a bit short, but we headed for Starbucks and who should be there? Robbie!

Great flight, arrived in Copenhagen 10 minutes ahead of schedule (why I am writing about time? I am on holiday! Chill) and then it was education time for my darling hubby who thinks the way to travel is to get a taxi. So I educated him about how to read a train/underground map, found the station that we needed for our hotel (if it had been left to me I would have got the name of the station all known and organised before we left Blighty, but hey ho!) Tickets now in hand courtesy of the lovely billet machine, and yes there is a button that says “In English” so if you are worried about travelling, be assured, ticket machines do “speak English”, we set off onto the platform, and wait for the next train which is heading for the centre of Copenhagen.

It is only a short journey, of no more than 20 minutes. We get thrown out of the 1st class section, which we had inadvertently sat in for most of the train. Who knew that 1 klass in Danish means 1st class? So an upgrade for 18 minutes of the 20 minute journey. At Central Station we wonder whether the train terminates here, but another couple are needing the same station as us, so we stay put. They not only need the same station, they are going to the same hotel. We challenge them to see who could be the first ones there. We lost!

On the way to the hotel, I had one lady tell me that I was dragging my poncho, along the road. Thank you! We stop on a street corner and get the map out. The waitress of the cafe comes out and asks if she can help? Thank you, I am beginning to like the Danes.

The hotel check us in, we get an upgrade, how lucky are we, but there the upgrade ends. We are told that our room is on the top floor! Great, I imagine views over Copenhagen. But no, the room is large, but up in the attic, I feel like I have been sent to my room without any tea. Oh my memory is not as good as it once was. What is the name of the book that I am reminded of? The windows are skylights, which if you hang out of, you can see a few rooftops, but in general it is not the view that I had anticipated.

Anyway after going out for a bite to eat, at the lovely cafe, where the waitress had come out and asked us if we were ok, it felt the right place to go, we return to our room for a snooze. I fell asleep, but dh wanted to watch Andy Murray, he couldn’t see the TV from the bed ;-( He gets up. The room is getting hotter and hotter, and the hotel has decided not to install air-conditioning. Our upgrade is beginning to turn into a bit of a nightmare. Top airless room, no view, claustrophobic. I go for a shower, I come out of the bathroom, and try to dry my hair. Who designs these places. Who puts the mirror on one wall, and then fails to put an electrical socket for the haridryer within the length of most hairdryers flex?

Darling hubby gets sent down to reception to see if we can get a downgrade.

Last night was spent in a small room, with plenty of light, woth windows that look over small courtyard so we can watch the people sitting and eating out, and watch a little bit of danish life go by.

It is now nearly time to go and leave our lovely room, and go and pick up our boat. It would have arrived in Copenhagen at 7 am, and we can go on board at 1pm.

I will finish with a photo of last nights trip toDSCF2872 DSCF2889 Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen.



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