John; Looking for couple for good clean fun!

We are well into our cruise now, and we have had some fun and funny times. Take the first day, the weather wasn’t so great, so we decided to go visit the library and find a book to read in our cabin. In the library, as well as books, we found mahjong, scrabble and chess. There was also a book for communications, to write down if you are looking for someone maybe to play those games with. Steve is a chess player, but I am not, so I thought it might be a good idea to put his name down in the book, and see if there was anybody else who wanted to play chess. Well we read John’s message. John, looking for couple for good clean fun! We decided to leave the boat and visit Arkenhus Castle in Oslo instead.


Dinner was fun last night, we ended up sharing a table with 3 other couples, all American. Sally sat next to me, with her husband of 2 years. They have done 7 cruises together, he has done 51, only the last 7 with Sally. They took great pains to tell us that they were both widowed before meeting and marrying each other. We suggested that they might like to meet John.


This is now our third night on board. We have just sat and frozen our butts off, watching a movie in the open air. The Monument Men. It was a bit surreal to watch a film whose content was about the artifacts that were stolen by the nazis during the second world war, when we are due to visit Germany tomorrow. It was good, much better I thought than yesterdays film, Gravity. It might have won numerous Oscars and awards, but how many catastrophes can one woman endure in space and return unscathed? I note that they weren’t showing Titanic.


Tonight we have had our first real sunset. I see from our balcony window that it is a half moon tonight.


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