Chiropractors on Holiday

It is an occupational hazard, that when you do the job that I do, you spend your entire vacation time  people watching and wishing that they understood the power of Chiropractic. How much more enjoyable their life would then be.  However I have been on holiday and tried to switch off, so I thought I would share some photos of my travels.

I have just finished a 11 day cruise of the Baltic States, which include the 4 countries of Scandinavia, Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland, as well as Russia, Germany and Estonia. If anybody is interested in more info then I promise to try and answer any comments written below. For now here are one or three photos.

DSCF2858 DSCF2941 DSCF2913








OK so let’s see how good you are on picture clues. We sailed from this Scandanavian city. which one is it? Can you name the man in the statue, and where you will find this pagoda all lit up at night?





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