Hypermobilty Joint Syndrome HPS: Ehlers Danlos Syndrome

As part of my professional life as a McTimoney Chiropractor, it is a legal requirement that I undertake 30 hours of continual professional development every year. Today I attended a CPD study day on the Hypermobile Joint Syndrome, facilitated by Lesley MacPherson and Dr Faith Gardner, at the Classicl Pilates studio run by Lesley.

So what is a hypermobile joint? It is a joint which has an extreme range of movement and motion outside what is considered normal. I learnt that these patients, of whom I have many on my books,  have a problem with collagen synthesis, which is not really understood by the scientific community, but there could be a genetic element to it.

Since discovering Proto-col’s Sports Collagen, and recommending it to those people who come for treatment, who have HJS, they have noticed a vast improvement in their symptoms. They still have an incredible range of movement in their joints but their pain levels are much more reduced and therefore they are more comfortable. Hurrah they say, I have found something that helps! It is available here. They even do a 3 for 2 offer here.



Back in November last year, on another CPD day, I heard the facilitator ask this question?

“What do you do with the patients, who despite treatment 3 times a week, for 6 weeks, you see no improvement, in fact they are getting worse?”

My first thought was “Who treats patients that many times without beginning to see an improvement in the patient?” However many of the Chiropractors gathered there, all admitted to having these patients on their books.

The answer to the question was to send them to a therapist who is not so aggresive in their treatment. Well I nearly fell off my chair with her next comment.

“You could even send them to a McTimoney Chiropractor!”


Hurray somebody recognises that we McTimoney’s are not overtreating and overstretching the tissues of the body. And this is the very thing that those people with HJS do not need. To be manipulated into the paraphysiological space and beyond is detrimental to their bodies. So if this is you, or someone that you know, ask your physical therapists if they treat into the paraphysiological space? If you have HJS, avoid them, as they will stretch your connective tissue further than is good for you.

So what did I learn today? That recommending collagen supplements for people with HJS is a good thing. That my method of Chiropractic is safe for those with HJS, and that I should continue to serve those people with HJS in exactly the way that I have been.

Happy Summer Solstice everybody, enjoy the long evening today, they can only get shorter for the next 6 months!



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