Hypermobilty Joint Syndrome and McTimoney Chiropractic

Something that I hear on a fairly regular basis is “I have been told not to go and see a Chiropractor!”

When I ask them what reason has been given, they so often have not been given one, or they have been told that it would be far too damaging to their joints. So let me try and explain for you what “Manipulation” is and an “Adjustment” which is what I consider McTimoney Chiropractic to be.

Let’s look at the rrange of movementange of movement, that we have in any joint. First of all we have the active range of movement. This is the range of movement that you have in a joint, or collection of joints. Move your head from side to side, and see  how much movement you have? That is a group of bones, the cervical spine, or your neck, moving actively. Shown by the denser green area here. Now having turned your head to one side “gently” push on the opposite side of your head, to the way that you have turned. You should feel that you can push your head slightly further. This is the “passive” range, illustrated by the lighter green. this is the range that physiotherpists often use when they move a limb for you, as opposed to you moving it actively.


If you were then to push hard on the side of your head, it would hurt, and your soft tissues, ligaments and tendons which stretch. It would be painful, and this is the range that many therapists that “manipulate” use.

The McTimoney method of Chiropractic does not do this. Let me repeat that.



The McTimoney method of Chiropractic takes the strain off the joint immediately at the time and point of adjustment. That means that the ligaments in the joint, when receiving a McTimoney adjustment are not stretched anymore than they are already in the person receiving the treatment. The same cannot be said for other forms of Chiropractic. Ask your Chiropractor if they treat into the paraphysiological space. If the answer is yes, and you have HJS or EDS then going to a Chiropractor is not good for you, and I would not recommend it. However if the answer is no, then Chiropractic could be considered after a full assessment including a full history taking has been undertaken.

HJS have a problem manufacturing connective tissue due to a problem with collagen synthesis. Collagen supplementation is ideal, as the body does not have to manufacture collagen from the dietary intake, but has been supplied in the form of supplements for the body to utilise. I recommend Proto-col’s collagen found here.


I cannot answer an individual’s questin, without first having ssessed them, but I am happy to reply to questions of a generic nature.

Thanks for reading!






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