Chakras on the Spine

Have you ever noticed that the 7 major chakras of the body are aligned along the spine? What do you think happens to those chakras if your spine are not physically aligned?

chakras on the spijn

I am about to re-commence my journey with chakras, and am so excited. When I first dipped my toe in the water in Holistic Healing waters, I was very much into working with chakras with my clients, but as my profession became more “research” and “scientific evidence” obsessed, I slowly lost contact with the “real” me, and started to conform to the professional pressure. Now I am re-introducing this aspect into my work, who knows where it will take me, but I am going to enjoy the journey. In the words of the #CWG2014 #bring it on.


Oh and the answer to the question about what happens when the spine is not aligned. Energy imbalances lead to dis-ease, which eventually lead to disease.

Blessings and Namaste


2 thoughts on “Chakras on the Spine

  1. Thank you for your comment. My observation is that if you are re-aligned physically by a Chiropractor, then the energy through the chakras improves. I am not too sure how quickly this can be done without the input of energy from a therapist, I am sure it can, but would probably take longer. I am about to check each new patient that comes to me now, and see what happens to these centres before and after adjustment, I will keep you informed. 🙂 Blessings Joy x

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