Periods Of Reflection


Every once in a while I question what I am doing. Not because I don’t believe in what I do, but I question the bureacracy around the Chiropractic profession, the “in house” squabbling about who has the best approach, and the people in the UK who think it is OK to “Chiropractic-bash”. Whilst I am open to everybody having an opinion, when someone who is a “basher” writes up their opinion of someone or something on WikiPaedia and dominates the Twittersphere and Facebook, because your own governing body do not have these accounts, I become disillusioned and question where we are in the profession. I normally try and keep my head down, and get on with my work, knowing that I am bringing health and happiness to so many people, as are most of my profession. We give people hope, when they have been given so little by conventional medical practice in general.

So it has been a great pleasure to listen to #EvoMed this week. An online summit which has been running since the 8th Sept, and will continue for another 2 days. Each days sessions have brought eye-opening revelations about health and healthcare. There is a paradigm shift, that will be driven by consumers/patients. People are becoming empowered and non-compliant, as they turn away from being told what to do, and seek to educate themselves and look for someone who will guide them on their pathway to health.

So I am evolving my practice, as the dragonfly suggests. I am becoming a health coach, someone who coaches someone back to health. I will still use the tools that I have used for the past 17 years, but my approach will hopefully change. I invite you to follow me as I transform, emerging from the water that the dragonfly nymph starts out in, as I dry my wings and take flight. Blessings to you all, and please share the word about #EvoMed and the revolution that is taking place in healthcare.

It is not too late to listen to the Summit, you can order it here. I promise you, you will love it. Order Evolution of Medicine


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