Chiropractor on the Verge of Independence?

The sun has set on Scotland, on this historic day. There is just under 2 hours to go before the polling stations close on the referendDSCF4246um. When the sun rises tomorrow, we will be entering a new phase for Scotland. Regardless of the outcome, things will never be the same.


I pray that the side that does not win, will remain calm and content that it has been a fair contest, and that we can come together again for the good of Scotland. I moved here 7 years ago, and this Referendum has made me appreciate how much I love this country. I do have some Scot’s blood in me, my grandfather was from the Aberdeen area. I never knew him, and know little about him, but I feel his blood coursing through my veinsDSCF4247.

No matter how you voted today, I have no doubt that you love your country. We all love our country. We have come from different backgrounds with different expectations, but let us hope that we can move forward as 1. Blessings and may Gods’ Will be done, on Earth as it is in Heaven.

DSCF4287 DSCF4308 DSCF4313 DSCF4343


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