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“What am I to do” they ask? The brown bottles have been teasing me from their shelf in my clinic room for the past 7 years or so. I have paid them little attention. I know how good they could be to me, I know that they can make me laugh, or make me cry, “I can’t help it”. But still I have ignored them, but now they have got my attention.

I trained as an aromatherapist 20 years ago now, but over the past 17 years I have focussed more on my Chiropractic career, and less on my wonderful oils that have sat on the shelf, looking longingly at me, willing me to get to know them all over again.

The Universe has kept putting “aromatherapy” on my path, on my eyeline, on my Facebook page, and on my twitter. This evening Andrea at Holistic Health Zone, kept posting things on Facebook, and I thought ok, I am going to start blogging about my affair with those little brown bottles, which hold such powers within.

I plan to write a blog a day for now until I feel that we have come to the end of my aromatherapy tales, and knowledge to share. It may be a long arduous journey, it may just be a jolly jaunt, I invite you to travel with me. Suggest your favourite oil. Ask me a question, and let’s have an affair, with those essential oils. Which ones are your favourite? Are you a flower or a herb person? Have you used aromatherapy on a regular basis. Do you have a bottle of an oil handy that you carry in your handbag?

Share you stories with me.

So, Where shall we begin? No that’s another song isn’t it?



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