18 1/2 years ago I was heavily pregnant, and desperate to have my baby that night. I had a lovely community midwife who could be at the birth, if I had my baby that weekend. The following Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday she did not have childcare cover for herself, and come Thursday, when she was back at work, I was due to go in for an induction, and the rule was that Community midwives did not attend those births. According to dates I was 10 days “over”.

Saturday morning I was woken up at 6 am,by a pain. This is it I thought. Another 1 15 minutes later, then 10 and then 5. Ok here we go, I got up to get myself some breakfast……and everything stopped. By 6 pm nothing had happened. So I decided to have a bath.

I added a few drops of Jasmine and Clary Sage to the bath, and got in for a soak for an hour. Bliss. I got out and promptly fell asleep, in a good deep sleep.


Clary Sage Clary Sage


I woke at 10 pm in labour, for definite this time. I stayed at home for another 6 hours before transferring into hospital, taking my oil blend with me.

Fast forward 18 years. I had been treating a lady through her pregnancy with McTimoney Chiropractic. She saw my wee brown bottles on their shelf, and she asked if I could make her up a blend for use in her last few weeks, from 37 weeks onwards. it was a priviledge to be part of this lady’s transformation into motherhood, and I blended her up Jasmine and Clary Sage in 100 mls of grapeseed oil, and showed her where to massage it, over her abdomen, pelvic area and sacrum, to be started once she has reached 37 weeks.

Unfortunately she went into labour earleir than 37 weeks, and so she didn’t get to use it, until she was in labour. Because of the pre-maturity she was quite restricted in her movements, being monitored and therefore kept on the bed, but her husband applied it to her wrists. Each time he did so, a strong contraction followed. it was so regular that the midwife encouraged her husband to keep on doing it. She gave birth to a small but healthy baby boy with no extra analgesia other than what was in the oil.

End of part One

(Part Two will include more information about the properties of these 2 essential oils.)

If you would like more information about blends for use in pregnancy and labour then please drop me a comment below. Blessings.


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