Several years ago, around Christmas I remember watching a programme about Mary, the Mother of Jesus, and how she would have felt giving birth in the suroundings that are reported in the Bible. This BBC programme alluded to the fact that she would have been giving birth without any painkillers.

Boulderdash! Or words to that effect.

Mary, and the wise women that would have been around her at that time, (and I firmly believe that her fellow travellers would have made sure that she was supported in her labour,) would have had access to many oils. In Matthew 26 we read of the “alabaster vial of very expensive perfume”. Now do the BBC think that Chanel or Dior were around back then?

Mary would have had the use of the plants that aromatherapy oils are obtained from, even if she did not have the oils themselves. They did have the means to make perfume as indicated by that passage mentioned above, so it is quite possible that she had her own supply of oils just as I did, in preparation for my own labour, 1996 years later. Of course they would have called them something entirely different because aromatherapy is a phrase that was coined centuries later. The majority of the stories and recordings in the Bible are written from a male perspective, and so the workings of this very private time in a woman’s life, woudl have been totally excluded from the writers of the scriptures.

In Where Do I Begin Part 1, I talked of using Clary sage and Jasmine in bringing on labour, and enhancing labour once it had startted, so let’s look at those 2 oils.

Clary Sage

Clary Sage

Clary Sage (official name Salvia sclarea) is distilled from the whole plant. It has warm nutty scent, quite heady. It is excellent for muscular pains, hence it’s use for labour, and has a reputaion as being good for depression.

Jasmine, (official name Jasminum officianale) is a luxuriant oil often referred to as the King of the flower oils. It has a luxurious exotic scent and has a renowned reputation in childbirth.



Naomi over at “Aromatherapy for Christians” has more to say on the wonderful oils found in the Bible. Take a look

Thank you for reading. Please leave a comment and let me know how much you enjoyed it. My writings are entirely driven by you, your comments and suggestions. Is there an oil that you would like to know more about? Which oils do I recommend?

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8 thoughts on “WHERE DO I BEGIN, Part 2

  1. Hello! I have always been really interested in the powers of aroma, without actually knowing anything about it! Loving these posts so far. Is there a mix that is good for pepping up post baby? Obviously there are always warnings about use of certain things around babies/Breast feeding etc so would be interested to hear your thoughts!

    • So pleased that you are loving my posts. Clary sage is a great one for post-baby blues, and worse, and bergamot. Although there is much talk about not using them when breast feeding, my feelings are that using them in small amounts that they are not going to do any harm, and baby will get so much more benefit in loads of other ways if Mum is more engaging because the oils are doing their work 🙂 Compare it to all the car fumes etc that they have to breathe in. Using clary sage and bergamot in a bath at the end of the day would be ideal. Once babe is in bed, so that aroma and steam are kept away, then you will be fine.

    • I am going to be doing a daily tweet too, an oil of the day type thing. . Ha we’ll see how disciplined I am, then plan on expanding on the blog, so you will get lots of info on aromatherapy. Input would be great as to what you would like covered. is there a particular oil that you would like more on.Might start with Bergamot for you Twitter is @joyofhealth96

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